Monday, July 26, 2010

Growing Up

As Katy is turning 8, I am having quite the plethora of feelings!

On one hand:

I am soooo excited for her to grow up. I love seeing her make good decisions. I LOVE that she is getting baptized. I am excited for her to experience life!

On the other hand:

I hate that my baby is growing up! I hate that she doesn't have to be my friend or want to be around me. I hate that the baby I held in my arms is now a big girl that likes loves but wants to run off and play with friends.

I am FAR from the perfect mom...but I try! I try to keep it even and fair. Katy tonight was in tears that she had to walk in the house and didn't get carried. Growing up is hard! I have always heard that...what I didn't realize is that it is hard on the mom and dad too!

Tonight I go to bed with a 7 year old tucked away in her bed...tomorrow I wake up to an 8 year old! I swear it was only yesterday that we were giving a first bath to her at midnight! In many ways I wish I could go back with the knowledge I have now and enjoy that time more. I wish I could have breathed in all in more!

I hope I can move forward in the future with more love, compassion and awareness that it is only a split second and they are grown up! This year more than ever, I really hope and pray my girl wants me as a friend, a confidante and a mom! I hope just like I want a friendship with my mom...she will want a friendship with me! I need to be better about giving that to her now so that when she is 30 and has kids of her own, she will want to spend that time with me!!!

Happy Birthday Baby! You are sooo loved and adored! Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for being so good! Thank you for being my baby and letting me be your mom!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Katy Turns 8, Let's Celebrate friend party

Next Tuesday, July 27, my baby turns 8! That is HUGE! I can't believe that I almost have an 8 year old. What a huge blessing she has been in my life. I love and adore her more than I can put into words. I do know that she and her sister are the reasons I was put on this earth and that I need to do all in my power to protect and raise them right!

With such a big birthday around the corner, we had a super party for Katy. We planned and put it together on Tuesday and we went on Friday (yesterday).

For the party, we went to the Utah Olympic Oval. Aunt Shay was AWESOME and got most of us in for free. It was WONDERFUL! Almost every kid there had NEVER been ice skating before (and Katy had a LOT of kids at her party).

The kids in attendance for ice skating were: Katy, Elyse, Brookie, Dustin, Tanner, Alex, Josh, Isa, Lexi, Claire, Morgan, Margaret and Dorothy.

I got out on the ice with many of them for a while and then I was also on the sidelines with some of them for a while. We all had so much fun! I can hardly believe how well ALL of them did. I was so proud of them for trying something new. Some walked away thinking it was the best thing ever...others glad they survived!

After we skated we headed to my parents' house. It was extra fun having Katy's Aunt Erin (Ben's sister) come with Ethan and Oakley for the presents and treats. We fed the kids some pizza and then opened presents.

Katy was DEFINITELY spoiled! She got a purse, a backpack and school supplies, zuzu pet and clothes, playdoh and fun pencils, a webkinz gerbil and necklace, "K" necklace and earrings, some bracelets and ipod speakers, barbie doll, star wars toy and pokeman. I know there are some more things in there that I am forgetting but overall that is the loot! What fun presents!!!

After presents were opened, the kids sang happy birthday again and had some donuts and ice cream (Katy decided on donuts instead of cupcakes). The kids played in the backyard for a bit then it was time to send them all home. As they were leaving we gave each of them pictures (that my mom was great about going and getting developed while we finished ice skating) and a bottle of bubbles saying, "Katy was bubbling with joy that you came to her party".

I was EXHAUSTED at the end of the day! It was a fun but LONG party day.

When I asked Katy her favorite part she said, "Ice skating and having my friends over". I am so grateful we were able to pull off the party for her! It really was a blessing!

Thanks Mom, Dad, Shay and Jana!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


One fun summer craft we did this year was make bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed. The girls (and the little boy next door) had a blast...even though it was sooooooo hot the peanut butter was dripping off the pine cones. It was a lot of fun watching them make the fun craft. We have to thank Grandma (my mom) for letting us take the pine cones from her tree and some bird seed from her closet! Thanks Grandma!! We did this in July - after the Lake Mary Hike (July 10, 2010) and before the Twin Lake Hike (July 22, 2010)...but I don't remember the exact day! :)

PICTURES Hike #5 Twin Lakes and such

I need to put just a little info in here: First the pictures go in reverse order of the day. Second, the pictures of the zip line are first 2 are Lyse, next is one of Tauni, the following is Ben and the last 2 zip line pictures are of Katy. What a fun day it has been!!!

Hike #5 Twin Lakes and other misc. stuff!

*This entry is going to be a bit different than the others. I am going to type up all the fun things from today then in the next blog post put all the pictures...much easier that way. I struggle with Blogger and getting pictures how I want them, easier to just put them in a separate post!

Today has been an amazing and EXHAUSTING day! I honestly didn't know that Twin Lakes was as much of a hike as it was.

I am seriously second guessing my love and desire to hike Lake Blanche for an over-nighter. They say Twin Lakes is easy on the hiking scale?!?!?

I think I would have to disagree! My body is more sore and achy than it was when we hiked Lake Mary, Martha and Catherine!

We started off this morning early. I was up at 7:15. I finally got Ben to tumble out of bed at 7:30. He started getting water filled in all the backpacks while I took on the task of getting girls up and running.

The girls did not like the early wake-up call. This summer they have been spoiled to sleep in. Lyse is awake usually no later than 7:45 but Katy...well she has slept until 10 on some days! Since she was up at 6:30 watching the sunrise yesterday (sweet story...she came and woke me up so that I wouldn't miss it either...than thanked ME for coming and seeing it. Such an AMAZING girl) I knew she was tired.

Once we had the girls ready, bags packed and breakfast ate, we met my parents out on 700 west and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was a beautiful ride and the ground squirrels were EVERY where. We thought for sure we hit some but my dad and mom (they were in the car behind us) told us that the squirrels just went to the middle of the car and ran as soon as the car passed over them. Pretty smart little critters!

We got to the Silver Lake and took the small walk to the trailhead. Now I had not previously read the Twin Lake Trailhead information and I didn't stop this time to read it either.

As we started up, the incline starts right away. After a bit I thought, "This can't be inclined that much longer". See I didn't know that in the short distance to Twin Lakes I would be hiking up 1000 feet in elevation. Lake Mary, Martha and Catherine was only like 1200 over 2 miles.

My parents were hiking with us and I started to worry about my dad. Seriously, I was needing rests and him with his heart - it had me concerned. It was nice stopping and resting and really taking in nature several times. The beauty up there is absolutely beautiful!!! Lyse did start to tell US that we needed to get going, she wanted to find the moose!

While hiking we did see SEVERAL moose and deer prints. At one point we saw moose prints and then we saw Mountain Lion prints and then we saw moose prints that were deeper and could see the moose was RUNNING. It was interesting to be able to see and be able to envision what had taken place.

There were several places along the way that the Indian Paintbrush, Wild Roses, Blue Bells and other wild flowers were so plentiful it just took your breath away. I had wished a couple times we had the canon because the beauty was outstanding. When we would walk in the first meadow, Ben would quote Bambi about being careful in the meadow, that is where the hunters are. For the rest of the day, any meadow we walked in, there would be comments about the hunters getting us!

When we got to the Lake, the girls had a blast! This lake had a sandy beach with scattered boulders...perfect for some sitting and enjoying the beauties. We had some snacks and the wind rustled amazing. Seriously, it was amazing!

Katy found a piece of wood and turned it into a boat. She made a mast and held the mast up with mud. Katy got it ready and "sent it out to sea" in her words. It was marvelous! I was very impressed with how good of a job she did in making it into a boat.

Lyse found a piece of wood and called it her "fish". She threw it back in and found another one that was a tent. She made it the home for the ground squirrels. She filled it with nuts and raisins and then watched with joy as the squirrels visited the house and ate some food.

Grandma was feeding squirrels and they were coming up right behind her on the boulder. It was fun to watch them get so close to her.

The girls took off their shoes and enjoyed some wading in the water and then we started the descent back down. Instead of coming up the way we went down, we actually went down the maintenance road. It was fun seeing different scenery.

When we got to the bottom, we heard the bag pipes. A lady was practicing and it was fun to watch her play some and get a pictures with her and the girls. She was up there for a wedding for the day. That was a different experience!

Seriously that hike was AMAZING and it was a LOT harder than expected. Grandma, Grandpa, Lyse and Katy were troopers! I was amazed that for the first time Lyse did not whine at the first of the hike at all. Usually she whines the first 5 minutes or so and we threaten a couple times to turn around. I think having Grandma and Grandpa this time totally changed that for her so it was GREAT! It was a fun, happy hike!

After we finished the super fun hike with Grandpa and Grandma (aka my mom and dad), we headed towards Donut Falls and Jen Mabey's family cabin. Play group was there and we were late but luckily we got there in time for LOTS of fun still! They had a fun zip line and we all had a blast going down it at least 1 time! Katy was the only one in our family that rode it a couple times.

After an hour of fun filled play group entertainment, we headed to home. I was EXHAUSTED...I think we all were. I took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Ben napped for about 1 1/2 hours and the girls watched a movie - they had no interest in napping. When I got up it was almost 7:00 pm. I made some hamburgers and BBQ'd some hamburgers and zucchini - YUMMY! It was the perfect food and perfect end to a wonderful family and friend filled day!

Tomorrow is Katy's birthday party. Sure to be lots of adventures and fun with that!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Answered Prayers

Over and over lately I have gotten the feeling that I need to listen and have more faith in my promptings.

The Problem: I don't know what I am hearing!

I honestly do not know what I need to be listening to or what prompting I need to follow.

I asked Ben for a blessing. I have some health issues as well as my anxiety over everything going on.

In the blessing I was blessed to have Faith in the plan our Father in Heaven has for me. The problem is I don't know if there is the a new plan or if it is the original plan! I must say there is a gut feeling that says it is the original plan...I just need to be strong and have faith.

The other thing I was more told than blessed with is that my Father in Heaven was ALWAYS there for me, ready and waiting to assist me. It wasn't said but I felt as though I just needed to ask. I thought I had been asking but the way I was told made me realize I can't just cry HELP in my prayers and expect a full plan to be laid out before me. I need to take my life, dissect and observe then ask for help where it needs to be.

I realized that even more yesterday. I had $460. I had $960 in bills to figure out how to pay. Ben was beside himself. I was beside myself. Through our situation, I have tried DESPERATELY to not ask for helping paying our bills. I have tried and mostly succeeded in finding a way to take care of it all ourselves.

I was sick. Literally sick from the thought of actually having to go ask for money. I don't want to put someone else out. As we were driving in the car to pay the bills my heart was sinking; it sunk faster and faster as I watched Ben in despair as well. I offered a quick, quiet, VERY sincere and too the point prayer asking my Father in Heaven to PLEASE help me figure out a way to pay everything.

My bills all were paid and taken care of. I am walking away with $20 from the $460.

I can STRONGLY attest it was my prayer, it was my Father in Heaven; it was MY miracle!

As Ben finished up my blessing, my thoughts returned to my prayer from yesterday. I thought of how Heavenly Father had told me through the power of the priesthood that He was standing, waiting and willing to offer assistance to me.

My heart is full. I KNOW our Father in Heaven lives. I KNOW He watches over us. He is ready, willing and waiting...we just have to go to him with our precise problems. Every small thing is seen by Him. He is aware but just wants us to be aware and willing to ask!

I learned a lesson today! Just like I would have to ask my earthly father or father-in-law if we needed help, I need to ask my Heavenly Father. I can't go to my dad and say, "I need help." He would need me to tell him what I need help with, I would have to open up to him. Honestly, praying for specific things has been treated the same by me as going to my dad and saying, "I need help paying my mortgage". Although I must say - it is in MANY ways much easier!

I can't use the blanket statement of "we need help" any longer. Stating in prayers, "You know our situation. You know we need help. Please help us." Is NOT enough. I need to ponder and pray specifically and just like yesterday he will pour out the blessings from Heaven and respond to me. I need to be willing to pour out my soul and not just say, "You know what is going on, we need help". He wants me to counsel with him. I need that counsel with him.

I am soooo grateful for a Father in Heaven who loves me! I am so grateful to know he is aware of me and my situation. I am grateful I get to pray to him.

Being more specific and focused in prayers is my goal. Ponder, specify and listen along with the kneeling and praying are needed.

Honestly I can say (even with everything going on in our lives)...Life is Good!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How'd that happen?

Having 2 children, you learn that while MANY parenting lessons help you learn and grow and become better for the 2nd child; other times you are just never prepared, even for the simplest, little things!

Last summer (yes LAST summer) was the first time Katy had a loose tooth! She had just ended 1st grade and was headed to 2nd. She has now lost a total of 4, no 6...wait 4...AGHHH I hate that I never got my other blog backed up that had some REALLY important stuff like that on it!!! Anyway...back on topic!

This summer (yes THIS summer) LYSE has a loose tooth. She starts Kindergarten in August!

What the heck?!?!

I suspected Lyse would loose a tooth earlier than Katy but not this much earlier.

Lyse teethed earlier than Katy did too. I had no clue what to do with my 3 1/2 month old baby when she started to scream. I didn't even THINK tooth at the time!

Katy got her first tooth when she was 8 month old. I had always been told that siblings usually teeth around the same time. Nope - Lyse had to beat her sister by over 4 months on that one.

As for the current loose is REALLY loose. She has been telling me for weeks now it is loose and I would just say, "yep one day you will loose teeth like Katy!" (Katy has lost 2 teeth this summer).

I honestly am starting to think that Lyse will have lost all her teeth before Katy at this point! I didn't think Lyse would loose a tooth before Kindergarten but honestly, I don't think that tooth is going to make it until the end of August!

How did my BABY grow up and get loose teeth?!?! Seriously people...growing too. dang. fast!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This morning I was awoken to a bed drenched in Urine.

The culprit - Lyse

The reason - she was sick

I wasn't mad but I wanted to clean it all up so I dragged myself out of the bed and then started trying to wake Lyse.

She would NOT wake up. I was TERRIFIED. Worse few moments in my life. She was grayish and at first Ben could not get a heart beat on her. I took over and found a slight, weak heart beat and tried with all my heart to wake her. I said a quick prayer and tried again.

Fear filled me stomach. Worst feeling EVER.

When I realized she might not wake up and she needed help ASAP I told Ben to call 9-1-1 as I continued to try and wake her. As Ben was freaking and reaching for the phone, Lyse stirred. She finally opened her eyes and said, "What?! I'm tired!"

Those were the most amazing, comforting words I have ever heard! I was so scared!

Lyse is doing GREAT today!!! Other than the morning drama, the rest of the day she was a little ray of sunshine. She skipped and jumped and ran around with a huge smile on her face all day long.

We still had to take her into the ER again for the last follow up. When we walked in, the same lady that had checked us in the 2 days previous was once again there. She was AMAZED at Lyse and how well she was. She said over and over again, "Wow what a completely different child she is when she isn't sick."

As Lyse was doing the vitals check the sweet nurse spoke with her about how she looked happier today than the last few days. Lyse turned to her and said, "Ya, my tummy and back don't hurt anymore". Poor thing had been pretty sick!

I don't know if I ever typed it, but Lyse was diagnosed with UTI and Kidney Infection. Her heart rate had been really elevated the past 2 visits, so to have no fever and a normal heart rate - the check in nurse was THRILLED!

The ER visit was quick and IV. The dr. saw Lyse and how well she was doing and said, "Well I guess all she needs is the oral meds and she is good to go...she is doing great and we like seeing it."

Music to a mother's ears!

Lyse has been happy...hence I have been happy. We have all been a bit tired but sleep tonight will cure that!

Considering the morning starting in FEAR...ending on tired is just fine by me. I am so glad that Lyse is better!!!

Different subject: I am debating moving all this blog and its' posts over to my wordpress blog. I have not been on that blog in FOREVER but I liked it a lot. I am thinking of moving back there. Not positive...but definitely thinking about it. Decisions, Decisions!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

ER day 2

We once again spent HOURS (like 4 1/2 to be exact) in the ER again.

The white blood cells are too high for them to feel comfortable with her being done. They are NOT high enough for them to worry about admitting her.

Soooooo.... We were once again sent home with instructions - come back in the morning. If she gets worse or complains of worse pain, come in before then.

They had to put another IV into Lyse. This time they picked her left arm. The plan was to leave the IV in but it started being finicky as we were getting ready to leave so they removed it instead. We get to once again fight and stick Lyse and give her ANOTHER IV in the morning.

Oh the joys!

On a bright side - I got to watch 4 1/2 hours of Hannah Montana *sarcasm dripping like honey from my voice on this one*

Tomorrow - the lap top is joining us. With my luck, we will show up with it and only have to stay like 20 minutes! That is my hopeful thinking at least!

The picture of Lyse with the IV was from today...notice the IV in her left arm this time? Ya I am definitely NOT looking forward to tomorrow and yet ANOTHER poking!