Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How'd that happen?

Having 2 children, you learn that while MANY parenting lessons help you learn and grow and become better for the 2nd child; other times you are just never prepared, even for the simplest, little things!

Last summer (yes LAST summer) was the first time Katy had a loose tooth! She had just ended 1st grade and was headed to 2nd. She has now lost a total of 4, no 6...wait 4...AGHHH I hate that I never got my other blog backed up that had some REALLY important stuff like that on it!!! Anyway...back on topic!

This summer (yes THIS summer) LYSE has a loose tooth. She starts Kindergarten in August!

What the heck?!?!

I suspected Lyse would loose a tooth earlier than Katy but not this much earlier.

Lyse teethed earlier than Katy did too. I had no clue what to do with my 3 1/2 month old baby when she started to scream. I didn't even THINK tooth at the time!

Katy got her first tooth when she was 8 month old. I had always been told that siblings usually teeth around the same time. Nope - Lyse had to beat her sister by over 4 months on that one.

As for the current loose tooth...it is REALLY loose. She has been telling me for weeks now it is loose and I would just say, "yep one day you will loose teeth like Katy!" (Katy has lost 2 teeth this summer).

I honestly am starting to think that Lyse will have lost all her teeth before Katy at this point! I didn't think Lyse would loose a tooth before Kindergarten but honestly, I don't think that tooth is going to make it until the end of August!

How did my BABY grow up and get loose teeth?!?! Seriously people...growing too. dang. fast!!!

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