Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Nights and Old School Games - pictures updated!!

This summer we have spent a LOT of time outside. I. LOVE. IT.

It has been a lot of fun enjoying the outdoors, the cool summer nights, family and friends.

On Saturday July 3rd we went to Bart and Debbie's for a bit. It was wonderful letting the girls play with their cousins. They sure love them.

Ben decided to start up a game of Red Rover...the kids LOVED it!

Last week, Tuesday July 6th to be exact, we had a party at my parents house. It was my dad's 59th birthday and we were also celebrating him Retiring from working for GE for the last 31 years!!! My dad is now officially a free agent and I think he is already running out of things to do!

It was a fun night filled with summer time fun. Earlier in the day we went over to my parents to help set up the pool. The pool they had set up was leaking so they purchased a new one. We were pumping water from the one pool to the other to save some water. Well we decided the pool was full enough and cut the pool underneath. The water underneath whooshed the pool on top away with all of us in it. My mom did some impromptu body surfing while screaming, "Hold the pool up, hold the pool up". All the grandkids on the opposite end tried desperately to do what she had asked...while also being washed away. Girls on the other side of the fence started to scream as water suddenly rushed towards them. It was quite the adventure!! I still laugh even thinking about it!

Because of our adventures earlier in the day, the pool water was quite cold so swimming didn't last long. The kids enjoyed the fun deck but quickly moved to the front yard.

Bret purchased an AWESOME firework to commemorate dad's retirement.

After watching the firework and talking some, we started a fun old school game --- Red Rover!

Oh my how much fun we all had! Dad and Mom even joined in with us. It was fun watching the kids eyes light up as we decided for Uncle Bret, Nanner, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, etc. to come on over. was a perfect night! I hope the kids remember that night because honestly it was just amazing playing "Red Rover" with my parents. Honestly, that is the first time in my 30 years that I remember playing Red Rover with my parents! I am super sad I didn't have my camera!!! I am hoping that I can bum some of the pics from Natalie cause honestly it was so fun and amazing!!

To finish off a fun filled day, this last Saturday after our hike we had a fun neighborhood family BBQ at a friends house (the Petersen's). It was so much fun chatting, eating and chatting (did I say chatting twice?!?) with many friends from the ward.

While I love so much the opportunities we have had...I truly hope and pray one day we can have a backyard that we can fully love and enjoy on summer nights! Until then I am just going to enjoy everyone else's backyard and hospitality to the fullest!!!

Last but not least...Saturday night when we got home after the BBQ, the girls were BEAT but didn't want to go to bed. They kept stalling and making up this or that. Finally they started asking, "Can we sleep in your bed" to which I replied "NO!" I needed some sleep after that hike and if they were in there that wasn't going to happen. A few minutes later they yelled down, "Can Katy sleep in Lyse's bed?" to which Ben responded "Yes!"

When I went upstairs for the night and went into their room to make sure all was well in there before going to bed myself, this is what I found:Doesn't that just make your heart melt! Man, I love my girls!!!

After note: Shadow is an integrated part of Mom and Dad's house. The kids absolutely LOVE and ADORE Shadow - and she feels the same for them. She runs and plays with them and when they call her it is seconds before she is at their side. Shadow has started to get REALLY old so I wanted to make sure to get her in here! She is well loved!!!

Shadow's favorite part of summer is the pond. As SOON as that pond is up and running for the season - she is out playing it in!! She loves to climb in the bottom pool and chase the fish.

This summer she also liked to climb out of the pond and if Ben was anywhere near her - go and shake her wet body ALL over him! He has been LESS than thrilled. We still love her though!!

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