Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Hikes Part 2

4th Hike of the Season

This was the biggest hike we have hiked to this point. We did it this last Saturday, July 10. It was fun and different because we hiked it with some friends, The Staker Family. It was a TON of fun!The hike we did was once again near Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood was the Lake Mary, Martha and Catherin hike!

This hike was amazing. We started out the morning cleaning the church building
then driving up the canyon and meeting the Stakers in the Brighton Ski Resort parking lot. This hike goes up under ski lifts for the first bit. You climb and change elevation over 1100 feetwhile doing this hike and it is WELL worth it! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I would have to say it was probably my favorite so far out of all the hikes.

Lyse struggled up the first bit of the mountain but once she knew we needed her to translate the birds she was much better. I wish I had the ability to put in words the awe, amazement and
wonder that is beheld going up to and at Lake Mary, Martha and Catherine. Serenity would be one good word but even that isn't enough.

We hiked through fields with flowers and trails still covered in snow. There was mud and streamlets crossing our path. Everything perfect for an outdoor adventure hike. Seriously, I LOVED it!

After hiking to Lake Catherine, we skipped some rocks than sat down near the lake and ate a fun picnic lunch. An ant crawled in Katy's pants and started to bite her so we then spent a few minutes locating and fixing our little ant problem. The entire time I kept saying, "Katy has ants in her pants and it is making her do the boogie dance"...she did NOT appreciate that one. Probably wasn't being the nicest mom but was trying to make her laugh and smile instead of cry.

There was a hill covered in snow that on the way up Ben had promised Lyse he would take her sledding down when we walked back. There was actually a LOT of hills covered in snow but when we reached that one, Ben fulfilled his promised. Katy at first didn't have the desire to go but once she saw Ben and Lyse up there she decided to join them. It did look like a LOT of fun. The blanket they rode down on even survived the sledding trip. Lyse and Katy want to hike there again just so they can go sledding again in July!

The hike down seemed to go so quickly. We did stop at Lake Mary long enough for the kids to throw in some rocks and then we did the "500 feet" detour to Dogg Lake - should say Dogg Swamp.

The hike took us about 4 1/2 hours, it was about 4 miles and as I said earlier you change elevation of over 1100 feet (a lot of it during the first bit). It was an AMAZING hike and a great day with great friends.

This hike you can backpack in and spend the night and you can also hike up to Albion basin and hike over into Little Cottonwood Canyon. To do that would be another mile or so. We are planning on doing that this year as well!

Tonight we did go up Little Cottonwood Canyon to see some Mountain Goats. We didn't see goats but we did however see a bull, cow and calf moose family all together! Now that was an amazing site and something that you don't see every day!!!! No real hiking occurred but we did walk the Quarry Trail at the base of the mountain.

So that is our Journeys up the mountains thus far. I am hoping we can add at least this many more gorgeous hiking trips before the summer is over!

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