Sunday, July 18, 2010


This morning I was awoken to a bed drenched in Urine.

The culprit - Lyse

The reason - she was sick

I wasn't mad but I wanted to clean it all up so I dragged myself out of the bed and then started trying to wake Lyse.

She would NOT wake up. I was TERRIFIED. Worse few moments in my life. She was grayish and at first Ben could not get a heart beat on her. I took over and found a slight, weak heart beat and tried with all my heart to wake her. I said a quick prayer and tried again.

Fear filled me stomach. Worst feeling EVER.

When I realized she might not wake up and she needed help ASAP I told Ben to call 9-1-1 as I continued to try and wake her. As Ben was freaking and reaching for the phone, Lyse stirred. She finally opened her eyes and said, "What?! I'm tired!"

Those were the most amazing, comforting words I have ever heard! I was so scared!

Lyse is doing GREAT today!!! Other than the morning drama, the rest of the day she was a little ray of sunshine. She skipped and jumped and ran around with a huge smile on her face all day long.

We still had to take her into the ER again for the last follow up. When we walked in, the same lady that had checked us in the 2 days previous was once again there. She was AMAZED at Lyse and how well she was. She said over and over again, "Wow what a completely different child she is when she isn't sick."

As Lyse was doing the vitals check the sweet nurse spoke with her about how she looked happier today than the last few days. Lyse turned to her and said, "Ya, my tummy and back don't hurt anymore". Poor thing had been pretty sick!

I don't know if I ever typed it, but Lyse was diagnosed with UTI and Kidney Infection. Her heart rate had been really elevated the past 2 visits, so to have no fever and a normal heart rate - the check in nurse was THRILLED!

The ER visit was quick and IV. The dr. saw Lyse and how well she was doing and said, "Well I guess all she needs is the oral meds and she is good to go...she is doing great and we like seeing it."

Music to a mother's ears!

Lyse has been happy...hence I have been happy. We have all been a bit tired but sleep tonight will cure that!

Considering the morning starting in FEAR...ending on tired is just fine by me. I am so glad that Lyse is better!!!

Different subject: I am debating moving all this blog and its' posts over to my wordpress blog. I have not been on that blog in FOREVER but I liked it a lot. I am thinking of moving back there. Not positive...but definitely thinking about it. Decisions, Decisions!

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