Thursday, March 22, 2012

Missing the ability to post pics!

I am sitting here at work and I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged. Yes I know it hasn't been...I think the problem comes in that I still have a million pictures that I want to upload. I can't upload to my work computer, Ben's computer is a mystery to me and the tablet is even more of a mystery. LOL so here I type wishing I could post a bunch of pictures.

Last weekend Ben went to Jackson Hole to help with the filming of a skating competition. While there, I was home with the girls. Friday was the last day of school for the girls. On Thursday they had "dance performances" at the school. I was so glad I had work off and I was able to go over and watch my 2 beautiful girls dancing their hearts out.

Lyse was very excited to see me there and excited to show me that yes she really did have a boy as a partner in the mexican hat dance (not that I didn't believe her). LOL It was fun to watch her dance and I was amazed as I watched the dancing to see that even though she had only been there 2 weeks, she was able to follow along and dance with all of them.

Katy's class did a fun cloud dance where they were all dressed in all black and then they had black lights and white sheets and they danced with the sheets to create the clouds. It was really a cool little dance. Their second dance was a Native American Ring dance. Our neighbor has a daughter in the same class and she was seated next to me. She turned to me in awe and amazed that Katy had picked up and been able to dance the dances. It was really cool to see Katy right in there and doing just as well as the kids that had been practicing for months. I guess all those years of dance are paying off!

When I can post pictures, I have some really cute ones of the girls and their dances!

Friday night we had a CRAZY night full of kids. It was WAY super fun! Jana had a widows conference, Ben was in Jackson Hole and I invited all my neices and nephews on my side of the family over for a late night stay over / sleep over! We made pizzas and decorated cupcakes. My mom and dad and Shay came over for a bit and my mom and I walked the 2 blocks with the kids to the "Big Park". They had so much fun. It was soooo fun watching little Ryker run along with the big kids. He refused to hold my mom or my hand, it had to be the hand of one of the big kids! He ran and played and he actually walked almost the entire way! He is growing up so big and I can't believe that he will be 2 this summer!

After Jason and Hazel came and got Ryker, we loaded the kids up and went and toilet papered my parents porch. The kids were the Toilet Paper Ninja Leprechauns! LOL It was super fun and we had a blast! After we got home, we got beds set up and we all went to bed. Keira and Lyse shared the queen sized air mattress put up in Katy's room; Jana and Brookie shared my bed, Dustin slept on the other queen air matress on the floor in my room and then I slept in Lyse's bed. It worked great.

The next morning we got up and just hung around the house. About 1030 we all got ready and headed out the door to go to IFA to see the chick. WOW the kids had fun!!! They brought in new baby quails while we were there. The quail had just hatched that morning and the night before and we super small and cute! (Jana later got suckered into going and purchasing some of the baby quail and ducklings...glad it wasn't me!) LOL

Sunday we went to church, I cam home and worked and the girls started to walk home and I picked them up half way home. We then went to dinner at Bart and Debbies. I then got to go up to Ogden to get Ben. I was so glad to see Ben!!!! I missed him tons and tons but it was a super fun to get to do a sleep over (which Ben would do but doesn't love).

Honestly, other than that we have just been busy with life. The girls went off track last Friday so we are having a little "summer" right now. This weekend for my birthday we are headed to St. George (SUPER excited). I look forward to swimming pools and sun!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome to home ownership

Having a house creates a lot more work and I love it. Each day I think "Today I am going to figure out how to get pictures on my blog". Each night I go to bed thinking, "Wow I was busy today between work, cleaning the house, working in the yard a little, etc. etc" and then I remember the blog and pictures and I feel deflated because I really need and want to get the pictures and memories from this time recorded.

Last Friday I went to the Relief Society retreat for our new ward. It was amazing getting to know these new women in our ward. They were all welcoming and inviting and it was great to get to know more people. I actually know a lot of people in the ward now! It is great to be making new friends. I was really concerned about that cause my kids are now in school all day. I dont have any preschoolers to be invited to or go to play groups. And then of course I work. It is from home so I appear to alwaysbe home, but much of that time I am working. Since moving here it has even been more. Having welcoming, friendly neighbors has been great. I have loved that I am not the only one having to try and make friendships. I have others offering and extending friendships and that is the best!

Yesterday was my first full day off work in 7 days. It was great to get in and work on the house. I cleaned out window wells YUCK! SPIDERS!!!! I then promptly soaked the window well in ortho home defense and continued the momentum and sprayed the whole house. Good bye spiders, I love you Ortho!

Since moving we are constantly running and busy doing something. Fixing the door bell, removing extra slats from the window blinds so they fit right...little things. Add that to the biger house to clean, me working more hours and normal house hold chores/items...we stay rather busy right now. I know it is just us settling in but man alive, we are booked solid until after Easter!

I am very happy and very grateful to be where we are. I see the blessings of the Lord in our lives and my heart bursts with joy. We still have our trials and struggle. I still miss my laptop like crazy. I had to finish this post on my work computer cause the tablet and I do not get along for blog posts. I miss my computer with its familiar keys and mouse :) I also feel like I am back in the 1950s in that we dont have a working microwave and have not had one since we moved in. Talk about CRAZY! Oh how I miss the ease and simplicity of a microwave. We are getting by, just have to work around it a bit differently! :) The microwave being fixed is on our list...our every growing and expensive list that just has to wait!

So that is life right now. I will beg and plead with Ben to please oh PLEASE upload pictures tonight so that I can post our awesome house on here!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moving Forward in our new life

No,I have not died. I am so busy though!

We moved in to our new home on Saturday February 25, 2012. It is about as perfect a home you can get for our family. All our furniture fits and is not cramped with little walking space. The play room has basically taken over the basement, but I am ok with that...there is a door I can shut and I dont have to look at it!

In all seriousness it is our little slice of heaven. Most nights Ben and/or I will climb in bed and while lying there say, "I love our home!" Our new ward is fantastic. They have been so warm and inviting...I love it! We had family home evening dessert at a neighbors house and really got to know several neighbors. It was great. We have so many little kids our girls age that live super close...the girls don't know what to do. Katy's primary age group has 3 classes and Lyse's has 2. They loved going to church and looking around and seeing school friends surrounding them. It is heaven.

School is going great. Both girls love their teachers. They (and I) love the walking to school thing! We feel so blessed! Katy and Lyse have friends that live right next door...the girls run between houses playing and laughing. It is perfect.

In so many ways we feel like we are just where we belong. The circumstances that got us here were not perfect nor anywhere near ideal. In church on Sunday I really sat and thouht for a while about my blessings and what we have been blessed with. Not one person in my new ward knows that they are part of our big, new blessing. I look forward to growing, learning and progressing in my family, the gospel and life.

We are completely unpacked, decorated and life put together. I will post pictures once I figure out how to download them to either the tablet or Bens computer...both stump me.