Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moving Forward in our new life

No,I have not died. I am so busy though!

We moved in to our new home on Saturday February 25, 2012. It is about as perfect a home you can get for our family. All our furniture fits and is not cramped with little walking space. The play room has basically taken over the basement, but I am ok with that...there is a door I can shut and I dont have to look at it!

In all seriousness it is our little slice of heaven. Most nights Ben and/or I will climb in bed and while lying there say, "I love our home!" Our new ward is fantastic. They have been so warm and inviting...I love it! We had family home evening dessert at a neighbors house and really got to know several neighbors. It was great. We have so many little kids our girls age that live super close...the girls don't know what to do. Katy's primary age group has 3 classes and Lyse's has 2. They loved going to church and looking around and seeing school friends surrounding them. It is heaven.

School is going great. Both girls love their teachers. They (and I) love the walking to school thing! We feel so blessed! Katy and Lyse have friends that live right next door...the girls run between houses playing and laughing. It is perfect.

In so many ways we feel like we are just where we belong. The circumstances that got us here were not perfect nor anywhere near ideal. In church on Sunday I really sat and thouht for a while about my blessings and what we have been blessed with. Not one person in my new ward knows that they are part of our big, new blessing. I look forward to growing, learning and progressing in my family, the gospel and life.

We are completely unpacked, decorated and life put together. I will post pictures once I figure out how to download them to either the tablet or Bens computer...both stump me.

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  1. So excited for your little family! Glad everything's going well.