Thursday, February 23, 2012

Answered prayers

Please know when reading this, I have had to learn how to use a tablet for all internet needs. It has been horible timing and I am not that great at it. I miss my keyboard and typing does not allow for a replacement computer, so this tablet is something I must get used to. Sorry forspelling errors in advance. I know there will be many but I dont have a back button nor do I have a I said...its been an adventure.

I am exhausted but after 3 hours of lying in bed with not even the slightest incling of sleep, I finally got up.

There is so much going on. My days are filled with running and packing and I have been trying to throw work in there to. Add in my laptop dying, my work computer being new and havibg tech issues and life and well you find no blog update. To add to the mix of moving, we also had to find a new car.

I realized tonight how truly blessed I am. As we drove home after finding ourew car, I sat in awe thinking of the prayer...that prayer...the one given several months ago when all was falling apart. Never would I have imagined or seen or predicted the blessings.

We found the car we needed and wanted in the price range we needed. We have a beautiful new home we m9ve into this week. Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayers.

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