Monday, February 13, 2012

The plan for now is to move on Saturday the 25th (as long as everything closes correctly and when we want it to).

I am so excited for our new home. I don't even know what I am going to do with all that extra space!!!! Ok I do but honestly, it will be so nice to be able to move around. It will be so nice to clean and have a place for everything. It is going to be so nice to not have my bedroom be a bedroom, office, instrument, craft storage, misc other item room. The hiking gear is not going to be stored in my dresser, it will have a place in the garage (or one of our great closets). My work may stay in the bedroom but that is more because the only other location would be the basement and I would rather have it in my room. Difference here is - I have a choice and if I don't like it, I can move it to another room!

I am so excited for the girls room. I have often wondered if it is Lyse or Katy who is the messier of the 2. We live in such closed quarters and honestly I can't go in the room and know for sure who did what. That will change! They will each have their OWN bedroom. They will be completely 100% in charge of that room cleaning all on their own. I am so excited to see how this works out. I am excited for them to have their own space to sprawl out!

A yard! I am so excited to get to have a yard of our own! I look forward to mowing the lawn. I am trying to currently save enough money so we can have a trampoline. I am giddy with the thoughts of this summer and the fun slip and slides, pools and other summer fun we get to have in our yard. I look forward to a BBQ and eating outside. Gotta save up and get some outdoor seating too. Luckily, yard sales and KSL are my friend (not to forget my mom has saved a way cute patio table for us).

Ben is just as excited about this move as I am. He is chomping at the bit of having a place of our own in which the building is not physically attached to another family's home. He is excited to be able to set up his tools in the garage and actually have them in useable condition. I am excited for him for this!

We have been so blessed. This home is a huge blessing and I am so excited for it. I know it is going to take some effort to get it clean. I know it is going to take some time and work in the little things that need done around the house. I am excited to get to do some fix up and making this home our own.

The girls are excited and giddy over picking out the bedroom wall color. I am excited for a master bathroom that I get to paint and make for Ben and I. I am excited for our new home.

I will miss our condo. We have put a lot of work in this place. We have worked hard to make it nice. I will miss how quickly I can have it cleaned. Currently, I can go from disaster to spotless in under 2 1/2 hours. If it's clean, it goes from clean to spotless in about an hour. That I know will change. You can't double to square footage and not expect more cleaning; however, in some ways it will be easier. Due to not being so cramped and confined, having more room to spread out, I am hoping it is a little easier. Yes I will have more bathrooms to clean, more rooms to vacuum and a bigger kitchen to mop and sweep but sometimes if you are in too small a place you clean more frequently cause it takes less to make it look cluttered and dirty. At least this is my hope!

Tomorrow we get to walk through the house again! YAY!!! I am ecstatic to walk through our home again. They have also said they would give us keys so we can go in and start cleaning. I am good with that!!! We are also going to start patching (there are a couple holes in walls) and prepping for paint. As soon as that place is signed for (hopefully on the 22nd) we are gonna pull out the paint and get the girls rooms painted and the master bath painted. Not a ton of painting is going into it...but we are going to do that bit. It's much easier to do that with no furniture than tons of furniture. The painting may be the only thing that moves the move in date back 1 week.

I am so excited - can you tell?!? I can go on and on and on. This little bit is for me. I needed to share. Now I need to go get my little place cleaned and soon, very soon, I gotta start PACKING! YAY for our new home!!

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  1. SO excited for you and your little family!! Such an exciting time.

    You did really good on Sunday, btw ;)