Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Updates on our life:

Yes we are still moving. Yes I am excited. Yes we are moving to that perfect little house in Herriman. Yes I still have to pinch myself to believe it is real.

Soon...hopefully REALLY soon...we will be able to take our picture in front of it and say "home" as the title. We are under contract with it so hopefully that day will be in the next 30 days! :) YAY!!!

Life at home is going. We are staying busy. I am trying to figure out how I am going to move at the same time I am working. They REALLY do not want us working from the center (they are remodeling and there is not enough room). We are going to have to get it all arranged to have phone and internet connected before we even move from this place so that I can work.

I am planning each new thing with this house and getting more and more excited. I don't know how to even react to so much more room. The fact that the girls will each have their own room, plus a play room AND an extra room? WOW! We have never lived in anything bigger than a 2 bedroom apartment or condo. We have never had more than 900 sq feet. It will be soooo nice to spread out!

Ben's work is going well and he is working on getting his IT certifications. Once he has those, he will have experience enough to look for something that pays better. We are hopeful that it all comes together shortly.

I think that is about all. Currently our lives pretty much revolve around the girls and their school, the new house and moving and then Ben and my jobs. We are also on the search for a new car. Wowza that is a fun one (not)! That is our life in an updated nutshell for now.

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