Saturday, July 24, 2010

Katy Turns 8, Let's Celebrate friend party

Next Tuesday, July 27, my baby turns 8! That is HUGE! I can't believe that I almost have an 8 year old. What a huge blessing she has been in my life. I love and adore her more than I can put into words. I do know that she and her sister are the reasons I was put on this earth and that I need to do all in my power to protect and raise them right!

With such a big birthday around the corner, we had a super party for Katy. We planned and put it together on Tuesday and we went on Friday (yesterday).

For the party, we went to the Utah Olympic Oval. Aunt Shay was AWESOME and got most of us in for free. It was WONDERFUL! Almost every kid there had NEVER been ice skating before (and Katy had a LOT of kids at her party).

The kids in attendance for ice skating were: Katy, Elyse, Brookie, Dustin, Tanner, Alex, Josh, Isa, Lexi, Claire, Morgan, Margaret and Dorothy.

I got out on the ice with many of them for a while and then I was also on the sidelines with some of them for a while. We all had so much fun! I can hardly believe how well ALL of them did. I was so proud of them for trying something new. Some walked away thinking it was the best thing ever...others glad they survived!

After we skated we headed to my parents' house. It was extra fun having Katy's Aunt Erin (Ben's sister) come with Ethan and Oakley for the presents and treats. We fed the kids some pizza and then opened presents.

Katy was DEFINITELY spoiled! She got a purse, a backpack and school supplies, zuzu pet and clothes, playdoh and fun pencils, a webkinz gerbil and necklace, "K" necklace and earrings, some bracelets and ipod speakers, barbie doll, star wars toy and pokeman. I know there are some more things in there that I am forgetting but overall that is the loot! What fun presents!!!

After presents were opened, the kids sang happy birthday again and had some donuts and ice cream (Katy decided on donuts instead of cupcakes). The kids played in the backyard for a bit then it was time to send them all home. As they were leaving we gave each of them pictures (that my mom was great about going and getting developed while we finished ice skating) and a bottle of bubbles saying, "Katy was bubbling with joy that you came to her party".

I was EXHAUSTED at the end of the day! It was a fun but LONG party day.

When I asked Katy her favorite part she said, "Ice skating and having my friends over". I am so grateful we were able to pull off the party for her! It really was a blessing!

Thanks Mom, Dad, Shay and Jana!!!

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