Saturday, July 17, 2010

ER day 2

We once again spent HOURS (like 4 1/2 to be exact) in the ER again.

The white blood cells are too high for them to feel comfortable with her being done. They are NOT high enough for them to worry about admitting her.

Soooooo.... We were once again sent home with instructions - come back in the morning. If she gets worse or complains of worse pain, come in before then.

They had to put another IV into Lyse. This time they picked her left arm. The plan was to leave the IV in but it started being finicky as we were getting ready to leave so they removed it instead. We get to once again fight and stick Lyse and give her ANOTHER IV in the morning.

Oh the joys!

On a bright side - I got to watch 4 1/2 hours of Hannah Montana *sarcasm dripping like honey from my voice on this one*

Tomorrow - the lap top is joining us. With my luck, we will show up with it and only have to stay like 20 minutes! That is my hopeful thinking at least!

The picture of Lyse with the IV was from today...notice the IV in her left arm this time? Ya I am definitely NOT looking forward to tomorrow and yet ANOTHER poking!

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