Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring was in the of course that means cleaning and organizing right?!?

I love the feeling of a clean, put together house.

Lately my room has been DRIVING ME BATTY! It has been a hodge podge of items that had no other home, so we would find a place in my room. I work from home, so my room is also my office, so add in that to the mix and seriously I wanted to scream at night when I went to bed. The room wasn't dirty, just really, really cluttered.

At night I would lay in bed and sometimes the claustrophobia of it all would get to me and I would end up on the couch downstairs. Not that I don't love snuggling my hubby or prefer my bed but it was like the clutter was screaming at me in the darkness.

I have had sometime off work (it seems so odd and refreshing). I have had several doctors appointments as well as trying to get some rest but yesterday with the sunshine, it felt like spring (although it is almost summer).

I opened the window and cleaned out a bit. It took me a lot longer than intended cause well my energy level isn't super duper high. It did get done though and last night as I climbed into bed, it was so refreshing.

I now have an office "space" in my room! YAY! I also have a the room organized so it doesn't look like a cluttered mess!

I also managed to get 2 LARGE bags of clothes and other miscellaneous items in the trunk of my car to be donated to DI. Oh how I love the DI and that they are willing to take my well-cared for junk that I no longer need/want!

It feels nice knowing my house is put together. I have a few odd and end things to do (such as get Ben to take the load of stuff to the storage shed) but overall I have managed to de-clutter our place in one fell swoop. After all, when you are grabbing items for DI it is addictive! I found items that I have been debating in each room of our home finding a new place in those DI bags. I seriously wanted to cry tears of joy as I took those bags out of my house!

Now my house is not spotless. I still have ceiling fans that could use dusting, hardwood floors that could use mopping and windows that could use some washing; however, my house is fairly clutter free and honestly when clutter is gone, cleaning is so much easier!

Today the sun is shining inside my house as well as outside. I love the light, happiness and joy I feel once again in my home!

As some side notes:

First - Ben is now working for FedEx. I am so grateful for inspiration. Ben had a feeling to apply, a feeling to go to the meeting, a feeling to get these things done on a set day. He got an interview same day only to find out the person interviewing was going to be leaving town and that was his last day interviewing for at least a week. Because Ben followed those promptings we have been greatly blessed. I am so grateful for a hubby that listens to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and I am even more Grateful to our Father in Heaven for giving those promptings and truly watching out for us. We are blessed.

Second - My weight. I know I know. Not what you are wanting to read about but since this is the last paragraph you can skip if you would like. I was getting really excited cause I was back down to 136 and hoping to move back to my liked 132-134. Instead I was at 136.9 today. Gotta cut out those bon-bons I guess ;) Actually I just need to add a LOT of water back in!

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