Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth (well one of them at least)

I want to fight that the happiest place on earth is in fact Sea World not Disneyland! I would actually have to say the Happiest Place on earth is ANYWHERE where my family is, spending time together. This week that happened to be at Sea World.

My family just loves it there. We thrive and relish and LOVE it! A day spent walking around Sea World is a day of family time, joy, laughter and happiness. It was a very relaxing day.

The whole adventure started Sunday night. We went to the airport and my mom, dad, Katy and Lyse got on the flight to California and Ben and I rolled over for the next day. Not ideal - but hey when you are getting a free ride to California - beggars can't be choosers!

Monday we got up at 4 and headed to the airport. We had some time on the plane, in which we tried to sleep and were unable. We then got off the plane, into our car and had a BLAST just talking all the way down to San Diego. It was so enjoyable just Ben and I talking. Our car was small and squirrelly but it did the job!

Once in San Diego we met up with my parents then slowly headed on over to Sea World. It was such a relaxing day. Right before we headed to Sea World, Ben got a call asking him to come to a job interview. He told them he was out of town but would be there the next morning. The prospect of this job still has us both really excited but we will not know until next week...there is a big of sitting on pins and needles at this point!

We are lucky and have Sea World year passes so we weren't stressing getting into ANYTHING in Sea World. We picked out 2 things we "had" to do and that was the ONLY thing on our list. The 2 things were - see the new Turtle Bay and see the new "Shamu Show".


We did the Turtle Bay first and it was great. Lyse had been wanting a turtle for some time so she finally got her stuffed turtle, Shelly (Get it... cause it is a turtle and it has a shell?!? That is what Lyse said to me when she told me the name...cute little bugger)!

Katy couldn't figure out what she wanted. She hemmed and hawed and spent all day trying to figure it out.

After we rode the ride over by Turtle Bay we headed to the Sea World Shamu show and got some AWESOME seats and sat and waited. The show was great and I like it much more than the last show. Seems more like "fun" and "playing" the entire time! It was GREAT!! Lyse would wave back at the whales when they waved at us. Katy noticed that the trainers gave a hand gesture and the whales did the action. They both were mesmerized by the show. It was VERY enjoyable.

We finished the day by taking the ride across the bay on the Sky Ride then headed out. We had accomplished our list and honestly had an enjoyable FUN time doing so! What a wonderful day. Katy at the end of the day FINALLY found her desired item - a green purse of course and some pictures! Such a little tween we have and love!!

After Sea World we dropped by Cafe Coyote in Old Town for a quick lunch before we headed to Long Beach to catch the flight home. The drive up was uneventful except for the time in which my mom called afraid we were falling asleep cause of our squirrelly car. It really was tossed to and fro with even the slightest bump, wind or it seemed like even pebble on the road!

We got the front row on the way home and it was a great! We got home and honestly I was EXHAUSTED and ready for bed by the end of it all! What a GREAT adventure. I am so grateful for my job. It isn't easy being a working mom. It has been a hard year adjusting and unfortunately I can't do all I want or would have done if not working but we are getting to do some pretty awesome and amazing things because I am working too! We are hopefully creating some great family memories even though financially I don't have a choice but to work.

My family is blessed! My life is blessed! I am grateful for my loving, supporting husband and wonderful, compassionate, happy, joyful children. My life is full because I have them!!!

Oh and by the way - I have a new word for our little day getaways to Cali - Daycations! :)

Pictures to follow...gotta get it all uploaded :)

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  1. That sounds like the perfect daycation! And I must say, your daycations are much more exciting than the ones I have ever experienced!