Monday, September 17, 2012

Update...cause it has been a while!

It's been a while since I have done an here goes!

On July 25, the kids started back to school.  They were very very excited!  Katy has Mrs. Wendling and loves her.  Lyse has Ms. Beauticofer and loves her.  They both seem to be really enjoying this new school year.  Starting back to school in the middle of summer was a new adjustment but one I was grateful for.  It was getting really hard juggling work and the kids!!

On Aug 23 we hopped on an airplane and went to Cali for a couple days.  We left Thursday afternoon and Ben, Jana, Dave, Brookie and Dustin flew back Saturday afternoon.  Katy, Lyse and I flew back on Saturday night flight and mom and dad flew home Sunday morning!

It was fun.  We spent a lot of time at La Jolla Beach (which is amazing) and we had a blast the ENTIRE time!

On Saturday we went to the San Diego Temple so that I could get another pair of garments (packed double for Ben...ooops).  Lyse came with my parents, Ben and I.  She LOVED it.  She spent a ton of time taking pictures and commenting on how gorgeous it was.  I didn't realize it until then, but in all the times we had driven down to San Diego, we hadn't actually stopped at the temple!  We always point it out on the way past on the freeway but man on the temple grounds it is even more amazing!

We have stayed busy with little things here and there.  Katy started back to Orchestra on the viola.  She is really excited.

I put together a work party and went off pretty smashing I must say!  I was excited to see how well it went!

Bart and Debbie are getting rid of their Vinyl fencing and going with trex fencing, which means they are giving their vinyl fence to us!  It's not terribly long but it is long enough to cover 1 side of the house separating the front and back!  YAY!  We will most likely be putting that together in a couple weeks.

Let's see what else.  Lyse's favorite friend right now is Stella.  Our FAVORITE neighbors that have 3 little girls my girls are always playing with are going to be moving.  She is getting re-married and he has custody of his 2 kids and well their 1890 sq ft home only has 4 bedrooms and they will need 6 :(  I am soooo sad to see them go and I really really wish they could stay but at the same time I understand and will miss them terribly!

My church callings are going well and I am really happy with them.

Ben's job is going excellent.  I am really considering taking a promotion offered to me at work.  It would mean more money per hour but it would also mean full time and I wouldn't work 100% from home.  We are going to have to really pray hard about it!

That is life in a nutshell I think!

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