Monday, April 16, 2012

If I had been thinking...some of these scenerios would have never happened!

It's been an eventful place around this house this last weekend.

Saturday morning we got up to get to work on the house. We needed to get some yard work done. After breakfast was over we walked outside and the bitter wind brought us right back in. We figured we would wait an hour for it to warm up some. In the mean time, I would get the green room downstairs FINALLY organized and put together, while the girls cleaned their toy room.

We started on the green room and Ben got annoyed with the water heater in the furnace room next door. Before I knew it, we were at the home depot because Ben went to google and found out that the water heater pressure release valve was bad. We got what we needed, looked at a want (a microwave), walked out with what we needed and headed back home.

Ben fixed the water heater (after a couple more trips to home depot) and as he finished the water heater he yelled up to me, "Gross! Tauni you gotta come see this!" I replied, "It's not a mouse is it?" To which he replied, "NOPE!" So curiosity got me and I headed down stairs.

What did he have to show me?!? A DEAD (which means it was once alive) SNAKE!!!!! On top of that this dead snake was TAPED TO THE UNFINISHED WALL (well really the stud). Who does that? Why would they do that? GROSS!! I don't know if the snake was alive when they taped it there or already dead. I know nothing more about it other than a snake was PURPOSELY taped to the wall in that room. CREEPY!

Ok so I get over the snake thing and I walk upstairs only to find myself back downstairs putting away items that now have a home in the green room. When I walked in the green room I find a MOUSE in the window well. EEEK! I yelled then I being the smart woman I am, went and grabbed the closest cat and OPENED the window. Bet you can't guess what happened?!?! Ok you probably can. The mouse ran INTO my house as the cat watched and then sauntered away! WHAT?!?! I just let a MOUSE INTO MY HOUSE! I yelled for Ben, blocked the door and waited. Ben came to the rescue and caught the mouse that had been stuck in our deep window well (ya we are going with that story...I just rescued him, I didn't let him into my house). We put him in a tupperware dish and Ben and the girls went to the gully and released the poor scared mouse. Ben said it was overjoyed to be released and flipped and jumped into the bushes. So see, I didn't let the mouse in my house. I rescued him from the deep window well in which he was stuck and released him into the gully where he can go have a nice family and live a long mouse life. The end!

No seriously though, how on earth could I have been that stupid and WHY did I do that? I am sooooo grateful that I have a quick agile hubby to capture that mouse! My cats I have found are USELESS! LOL

So that was our eventful weekend. We never made it outside to remove all the wood chips/bark that needs removed from the flower beds. I will work on that slowly this week I guess!

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