Monday, April 9, 2012

St. George and Zions

Ben jumping across the river at the Narrows in Zions. He is such a little kid at heart...I love him!

Kids holding up the rock! Zions


All of us after hiking up to where you start at the Narrows in Zions.
Zions at the opening of the Narrows
The Cliffs in St. George
The Narrows in Zions
The Narrows in Zions
The Cliffs in St. George
The Cliffs in St. George
Climbing wall at the Cliffs in St. George
The Cliffs in St. George

For my birthday we went down to St. George. We spend the night Friday and Saturday in St. George and drove home Sunday. We had so much fun! It was great having a weekend away and we spent the weekend with Jana and her kids. It was great.

On Saturday, my birthday, we spend the day hiking the cliffs in St. George, going to the Dinosaur museum and eating a yummy dinner at The Outback Steakhouse. It was a wonderful birthday. Oh and of course there was a lot of time spent next to the pool while the kids and Ben swam (I did join for a bit).

On the way home on Sunday, we stopped in Zions and did some hikes. It was way fun and the kids loved it. We hiked up to where you start hiking in the narrows. It was an enjoyable walk. The kids loved running around. After we finished that hike we went and hiked to the emerald pools and then we did the tunnel and headed home. It was a blast. While hiking down from the emerald pools, the deer were out. I have never heard a deer call before this...sounds a lot like a goat!

We had so much fun in Zions on the 25th of March, we decided we want to hit more national parks this year. It is quite fun loading up the car with all of us and heading on a road trip. We had a blast with Jana, Brookie and Dustin. It was a great birthday weekend getaway!

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  1. How fun and I'm so glad that you ALL were able to go together! Jana is so lucky to have such an amazing sister.