Monday, April 9, 2012


Ok FINALLY I got some pictures uploaded. I made Ben show me how to do it on his computer. No I am not stupid but he has so many USB ports I wasn't sure what I could and could not plug stuff into! Once I found out...I was set! I still have the perfect picture of the girls in front of the house but it is on a different camera and Ben's computer doesn't have a card reader so well...the picture of the girls in front of the full house will have to wait. I do have some of them from Easter morning in here!

We are LOVING our new place. We are getting it all put together and it truly feels like home. I am only having a little trouble with getting to know people. I am hoping as weather gets better and people are out more we will get to know more and more of the neighbors as well as the ward members.

I LOVE yard work and I am loving having a yard to work in. It is awesome! I have so many great eventual plans...and I am loving planning it all with Ben. I feel so immensely blessed. Each time I think of it I am overcome with gratitude, love and happiness. I often find myself teary eyed as I sit and look at our home. It truly is home!

Katy finding her eggs in front of the front door. Has a partial part of the front yard and front of the house.

Side of the house...our yard goes back to the tree that looks like a stick.

Backyard...goes back to the stick tree :)

Some of the front of the house!
This is how the living room is currently decorated...sorry about the cushions. I fixed them, had it beautiful and well I have a house full of kids and before I could get the camera and take a picture the kids had run through this room. Had to take the picture before we had more mess!

This is where you always find the cats!

I LOVE this wall! I love these pictures. I love them going up the stairs. This was my favorite wall to put pictures on because I loved seeing the progression!

These pictures are hard to see but they pictures of the girls in sepia and I love them!

This is how the wall in the family room is decorated now...updated pictures of the girls!

This is the kids in the family room dancing to "sexy and I know it"
More dancing fun!
Dancing and rock band...can't get better then this!

This is the bench Ben and I got for our birthdays. It sits behind the front door and it has a bottom shelf that we get to put shoes having a place for shoes by the door cause lets be honest..that is where the kids take them off (at least at our house!)

View from in living room.
My kitchen - I LOVE the huge pantry and I love having the bar area!

I love my front windows!!! This isn't the best picture but seriously they are so wonderful and light filled!

Close up of the family room...change the pictures on the walls now but the couch is still in the same place!

Toy room - a disaster! I had it cleaned and gave up. Honestly...its a toy room and I clean it about 2 times a week but most the time it looks like this!

Our unfinished basement will eventually be finished!

The green room downstairs...Katy calls this the library!

View of Kitchen and dining room from the stairs!

Main Bathroom

Master bath - the turtles are our not ours and not a permanent fixture...they have since been returned home from turtle sitting back to my sisters home.

Master bedroom

Where I work in our bedroom.

View of kitchen from stairs.

Elyse's room
Family room
Entry view
Living room
Katy's room

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!! It's so spacious and beautiful. New carpets too! Everything is just so you about this home! Congrats!