Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Katybug is double digits!

My little girl isn't so little anymore.  I was bad this year and didn't get this post up around her birthday but on the 27th of July she turned 10!

She is in the DOUBLE DIGITS now!!  How did this happen?!?!

I can hardly believe my little baby that I held in my arms got old so fast.  She made me a mom 10 years ago and changed mine and Ben's world forever.  We are so grateful and blessed to have this sweet spirit in our home.

Katy is a lover of all persons.  She is kind.  She is smart.  She tries to please all and treat everyone with respect.  Katy loves to be with friends.  Katy loves her family.  Katy has the most tender heart of any child I know, especially when it comes to others feelings.

Katy is always searching to do what is right and she has great instincts.

Katy is amazing on riding her ripstik!  Seriously, that girl ROCKS it!

This year for her birthday, her grandparents and us all went together and she got an American Girl Doll.  It's her first one and she has wanted one for years.  She is thrilled and LOVES it lots and lots!

The Thursday before her birthday, we did a birthday dinner at our house with my family.  We invited neighbors over for cake and ice cream and fireworks.  It was a ton of fun!  The finale firework somehow tipped over and well...we ended up with fireworks shooting out at us...EEEK!  Luckily, everyone was safe! 

Friday morning (her birthday) Ben left for Vegas so we did a breakfast as family and then Ben headed out to shoot video in Vegas.  After school the girls and I played for a bit and then we went to dinner with my parents and over to Bart and Debbie's house for a bit.  The following Monday when Ben was back, we did a birthday party.  It was super fun and Ethney and the kids were back so Katy got to spend lots of time with all her cousins. 

Katy's American Girl doll didn't come in time for her birthday.  It actually came 1 week after it.  The day it came we planned a hiking trip and we went geo caching...boy was Katy surprised when it was her American Girl Doll she found as a geo cache!

Katy got a full week of celebrating her birthday and it was super fun!  I will have Ben upload pictures tonight so I can post pictures of the party for our big girl!  She is growing into a beautiful young woman...inside and out!

We love you Katy!!

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