Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The attitude of Gratitude is a lot easier said than done...but I am trying!

I am grateful for wonderful family and friends.

I am grateful for a caring, concerned friend that I think I offended when she mentioned my overwhelmed life with the primary president. I wasn't trying to be mean, I was just caught off guard. Already stressed beyond stress and being caught off guard does not make for a nice Tauni! If you are reading this A - I am really sorry!!!

I am grateful for the temple. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father that is forgiving of my faults (especially my lack of faith and patience faults).

I am grateful forever and ever for my wonderful amazing husband. He is EXACTLY the person I need in life. He is the ying to my yang. He is an amazing man that I could never (nor ever) want to live without!

My children. Lately I lost sight of what a blessing they truly are! I LOVE my children. I am so grateful I have them and that I am privileged enough to be their mother. At times I feel bad they got stuck with me as the insufficient mom but soooo grateful that Heavenly Father still sent them to me.

I don't want to feel bitterness and resentment for things lost in the past. The only way that will happen is if I look forward to tomorrow with gratitude for what I have today.

I am working on my Attitude of Gratitude! It's gonna take work. I have been so focused on what I am loosing that I have forgotten to see what I have been blessed with! I know that my family will be ok. I am even thinking we may make it out of this without bankruptcy. We shall see on the bankruptcy but I know we will be ok.

I have my family and for that I am eternally grateful!!!

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