Thursday, June 28, 2012


Talks went "Great" (as many have told us) on Sunday.

My second calling has me a bit overwhelmed.

I have worked a TON of hours this week and I am feeling it by today.  Seriously ready to scream.

Pay Days SUCK!

Anxiety is through the roof right now.

How is this for happy!

On a happier note:  I got to spend 2 hours at Seven Peaks with my kiddos.  It was great having some time that didn't cost us a fortune (only the gas to get there).  Thank you Pass of all Passes!!!

Today I got about an hour at Trafalga with the kids.  They loved it.  Thank you again Pass of all Passes.

Now I get to do the walking everywhere for a week cause we don't have gas or gas money...but hoping that next week we can once again thank the pass of all passes for a fun day (hoping for next Thurs or Friday).

Wish me luck over this next week to survive!  We have no milk in the house, Ben's car needs gas and I have $3 to my name until next Thursday.  I am gonna need LOTS OF LUCK!


  1. No we don't. But honestly I feel blessed. We will be ok. We were able to borrow a bike so Ben is able to ride to and from work for the week. I was just really down when I wrote this! :) I am constantly amazed that when we do all we can and pray as hard as we can, the Lord provides a way for us to make it through!