Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy Blessings

Life is so busy right now.  I am working all the time.  Ben is working all the time.

Our dishwasher broke over a month ago and no money to fix it.  This has been a thorn in my side until tonight when I heard sweet Katy say, "I HATE dishes, well unless dad is there to talk to me while we do them!"

It got me thinking.  We are so busy we wish for a dishwasher to hurry life and cleaning along.  However, what a HUGE blessing it has been to be FORCED to go in the kitchen and wash the dishes by hand.  Spending that time with Ben as he washes and I dry or the time with the girls.  It really is a I need to take advantage of more often.

We made a "dishes" plan tonight with the girls and I was thankful as I thought, "I get 1 night a week alone with each girl so that I get to talk with just them...yes we will be working but it's really not that labor intensive".

I am grateful I got that new perspective from my beautiful girl.  I am the luckiest mom alive to have 2 wonderful, amazing, kind, caring and helpful girls.  They try and work so hard to help.  At times I miss it cause there are soooo many other distractions in this world but honestly, they do and are trying to keep this house running as Ben and I are working at our jobs to try and keep our lives afloat.

We are blessed in being forced to slow down and enjoy time working together.  I really enjoy weeding the gardens with the girls.  This is another work I am going to learn to love because it is quality time with my girls.

I am so grateful that I have been blessed to be a mom and grow each day.  I learn more from my kids than I could ever teach them.  I am blessed.  I am loved.  They love so unconditionally...I hope I am showing the same love in return.

I know all moms have "mom guilt".  I struggle with it all the time.  I need to be more patient, leave work at work, play more, love more, listen more.  This week I am going to focus on listen more as we work side by side.  Their lives are sooooo important and I want to be a part of that!

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