Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Endless Possibilities

Jetblue was having a 25% off TrueBlue Points bookings. On a whim, I checked to see what we had for points. 


Points to get to NY 7500 per person one way.

I booked it!  Ben and I are going POSITIVE space to NY for our anniversary in November.  We will have to fly home standby...but I am cool with that! :)

I am sooooo freaking excited! 

In my mind we are going to:

Fly to Boston - cause I have never been to Boston in the Fall :)

Go to Niagra Falls and go over to the Canadian side to see the falls (cause I hear they are prettiest over there).

Go to Palmyra and Sacred Grove and spend some real time there.

Go to Maine and drive the coast to see at least 21 light houses.

Go to Washington DC and see all the museums we have missed in the past.

Go to Gettysburg again.

Go on a cruise out of FLL.

Go see Vermont in it's fall foliage glory!

Warm my body and feet in the white beach sands of Aruba.

Snorkel in the aqua waters of Barbados!

Enjoy the Dutch life on the island of St. Marteen!

Explore the jungles of Columbia!

Spend the day in NYC, go to the Statue of Liberty.  Go to Central Park.  See the city (a whole different jungle)!

Maybe we spend a little money to go on Aer Lingus and get ourselves a little Irish accent or travel Lufthansa Air and see Germany or my dream visit Rome and Italy!

Ok in reality I KNOW we can't do all this.  The possibilities just seem limitless since I know we will be getting out of SLC into NY and from there we can fly standby to any other city we desire to visit.  I know I can actually PLAN something somewhere cause I know we will be in NYC on Nov 1.  Since NYC is the main hub the locations we can go to are endless!  Add in the other airlines that we get standby discounts on and the thoughts of spending a couple days in Europe gets my head bobbing.

Now to decide what we really want to do and where we want to go!  Do we want fall weather and cozy fire romantic or do we want tropical destination with beach romantic?  Do we go for adventure and try out Rome or Germany or Ireland?  Hmmm...decisions, decisions!

Now I gotta work more hours each week for the next few months so I can save up the $$$ for what is bound to be an AMAZING anniversary getaway!!!

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