Sunday, July 29, 2012

Living vs. Surviving

I feel so alone.

Ben was out of town working this last weekend.

Every time I called my sister, she never answered.  Katy had plans to do stuff with her but I never got in touch with her, she never really called back :(

My other friends I texted to get together and hang never responded.

I felt so alone all weekend.  I hate that feeling.  Each time I felt it I thought, "you have your girls and you always have prayer" but I PHYSICALLY needed another adult.  That was hard.

I feel like a crap mom.  I wish I could get out of this horrid funk I am in!  I have NO energy and I right now I just have the mentality of please let me make it through the's not living, it's surviving.

Life is hard, I know.  Life is also a journey.  A journey I am missing out on daily cause honestly each day I am just wanting and waiting for the day to just be over so I can go back to bed.  That is no way to live life!


  1. I hear ya sister. Some days staying in bed is so tempting especially when nothing you do seems right and so many people are feeling animosity towards you. Blech! Hope things get better for you. Love ya!!!

  2. I am so sorry I never texted you back... I had a family party for Scott & his Fiancee to go to on Saturday... and I just spaced it... I <3 you and I am sorry that I contributed, in any way, to you feeling alone.

  3. Andrea - you are fine! Don't feel bad, I figured you were just crazy busy!

    Audrey - I was going to text you and then saw your facebook message about going to Neil and I was like..nope that girl is busy with FUN!

    I really ended up ok...just been lonely lately! WE NEED A GIRLS NIGHT! I need a girls night of fun! (I also need to get my iron up...I know that will help my feelings of blah and tired)