Friday, July 13, 2012

Why so tired?

So what has been going on in our lives?  Well...we will start on the 4th of July.

The 4th of July we had breakfast with Ben parents and sister and her kids.  We then went and hiked the Lake Blanche trail.  We didn't finish the trail cause Dustin was struggling with breathing and being light headed (almost made it to the lake when we turned around cause he wasn't doing well).  We hiked about 5 1/2-6 miles round trip.  We then went back to Ben's parents to a BBQ with all his family.

The 5th of July we got up and went to the zoo with my mom.  It was super fun.  There was Brookie, Dustin, Katy, Lyse, Keira and Ryker.  Tayler came and met us with her brothers and friend.  It was a lot of fun and we LOVED seeing the Polar Bear.  We got home from the zoo, I went straight to work and then when I got off work we went out to celebrate my dad's 61st birthday.

The 6th of July was my dad's birthday.  The girls and I got up super early and flew with my parents out to Long Beach for a couple hours.  It was SUPER fun.  We went out to Huntington Beach and we ate at Ruby's Diner on the pier.  We got to watch surfers and even a pod of dolphins swam by!  It really was fun!  The girls and I flew home on the afternoon flight and were home when Ben got home from work.  That night we went to movie in the park (even though I was exhausted) and we played Cataan with the missionaries at Jana's house for a bit.

The 7th of July we got up and headed up to Idaho for Ben's Grandpa Myler's 80th birthday.  It was fun going to the ranch and seeing all his family.  I LOVE his grandparents so much and am so blessed that I have gotten to call them family and have them as my grandparents for the last 11 years!  They are wonderful.  After a shotgun shoot off at the ranch we headed to Blackfoot to see Grandpa and Grandma Hawker.  Once again - LOVE them and so super blessed to have them as my grandparents.  I adore Grandpa Hawker.  I always feel so much love from him!  Grandma told us about the park and all the fun festivities going on so we took the kids to the Blackfoot founder day celebration (or something like that).  They loved the ping pong ball drop (the pilot of an airplane flew over and dropped a bunch of ping pong balls out for kids and adults to get).  It was a lot of fun and it was fun to spend some time with Ben's cousin, aunt and uncle for a few.  We then headed home.  We got Spencer and Isaac in our car and it was a blast.  Seriously so fun playing games, laughing, singing and getting truckers to honk at us!

Sunday we got up and went to church.  I wasn't feeling "it" and was struggling to be there.  Then a huge blessing walked in the door...Jana and her kids came and sat by us.  LOVED it!  Seriously it was what I needed to make it through the day!  After church Jana came to the house and we fixed dinner, played games and just hung out.  At around 8 we drove to Ben's parents and picked up Spencer, Isaac and Eric to have a sleep over.  The kids did a fashion show for us and it was fun to see the cousins play.

Monday morning we got up and made breakfast.  Once the kids had eaten they built forts in the living room and then after cleaning it all up we went to Seven Peaks water park.  It was a bit of a time to get there between having to get cash from Ben at his work and having to drive back home cause I had left the pump on the air conditioner but forgot to turn on the cooler.  We then got stuck in traffic on the freeway (an accident or something had it all backed up).  We got to the park and enjoyed a good 2 hours and then we had to head home.  I took Dustin, Brookie, Katy and Elyse to Jana at her house, came home and showered and headed with Ben to pick up my free organ!  YAY for facebook and friends moving and no longer wanting their organ!  I am excited to get to practice it some more!  I left straight from there to a work meeting.  The work meeting was fun and I do enjoy time with my co-workers.  I got home about 10:40 that night.

I need to add...Monday morning something possessed me (I don't know what) to go get my baby clothes and start going through and getting rid.  I pulled all 11 bins into the house.  While the kids were running around making forts and destroying the house, I was busy destroying it while sorting clothes.  Oy Vey!  Seriously...wowza!  I went through all the clothes, sorted out my favorites and then put the rest in piles to give away.  I have given away almost all the clothes now!  YAY!  I have 2 garbage sacks left to give and we are done.  The crazy thing is I still have 3 bins of baby clothes in my garage.  Just could not part with my favorites!  But least we are 8 bins down!

So Monday night after the work meeting my co-worker came and got some clothes.  I got home and in bed around midnight after getting her home and going and getting Katy from Jana's (she didn't want to sleep over).

Tuesday I was TIRED and I couldn't figure out why!  LOL  We hung around the house.  I cleaned out the baby clothes more and got them put back in bins.  That night Jana came over with the kids and we hung out for a couple hours.  We were going to watch a movie but it was late so we decided to get together on Wed.  Ben had a BAD day at work on Tuesday with his microsoft certification test so I was glad to go to bed on Tuesday hoping for a better day Wednesday.

Wednesday I had the day off work and I had plans to do this and that all day but honestly I mainly just bummed around the house.  I was TIRED still.  My lack of sleep and running all over the country had caught up with me.  We did a couple things and then I had a dental appt ( gums and tooth still hurt!) and then Jana and the kids came over for dinner.  Katy and Dustin went for a run and didn't come back when they were supposed to so there was a frantic search around the neighborhood for them...I was the last to get home and Ben had left a 2nd time to go look for me.  He was less than thrilled.  During this whole fiasco...our oven died!  We are now down a microwave, dishwasher and oven.  Our kitchen isn't exactly a working kitchen!

Wednesday night we went to bed and I was grateful to just have the day over.  It was long and hard.

Thursday I had to work for a bit and I was in tons and tons of pain from that "little" dental procedure.  OUCH!  We kept it low key and I took the kids to Grandmas to play while I worked in the afternoon.  As I was at my mom's house picking up the kids after work my mom said, "you need to write down what you have done for the last week so one day you can look back and say....yup I was just as busy then!"

Today - well this morning I got up, took Bart and Debbie's bounce house to a neighborhood carnival and when I got home I thought of my mom's advise.  So here I am writing my craziness of the last week before I have to go and sign into work.

I really am grateful I got to play so much with my kids this last week.  I am grateful for our pass of all passes.  I am grateful for my job and that I work with WONDERFUL people and that I get to fly to places like California for free!

I really wish my kitchen appliances would stop dying.  I wish it would rain more (most days have been over 100 this last week) and that gas wasn't so expensive.

Overall...I think I need a week of sleep to catch up with my crazy busy week of traveling, organizing and chaos; however, in thick and thin I am blessed to have a wonderful house in a wonderful neighborhood with amazing neighbors and that I have family to experience my life with! :)

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