Monday, November 1, 2010

Honestly so much has happened yet it seems as though everything has just stayed the same recently.

I am doing well at work and I am really enjoying it. I can't wait until I get to be at home and I worry about being at home working and being a mom at the same time but I REALLY feel it will all work out.

Tests at work TOTALLY stress me out. Seriously, I want to cry on Fridays before the test. Test freak me out. I am a perfectionist and I want to see that I KNOW the stuff and can get 100%...that adds to the stress of just plain old passing the test! So far I have gotten 91% and 96.6% on both tests so I think it is going pretty good. This test this Friday is the last test. I am hoping for at least a 90% but would LOVE 100% :) (of course).

Flight benefits have started so it is fun to see that we can soon go fly somewhere fun, it all just comes down to affording it! We have been trying to play catch up with all our bills and it is taking its toll. That extra income from me working is GONE before we see or get to spend even a dime of it. It is nice to know we will be current on our HOA fee though!

Let's see what else....I know something happy :)

Last night we had my mother in law over for a fun dinner served in pumpkin. When dinner was over we snuggled on the couch and watched "Sky High". After "Sky High" finished Grandma left and it was just us and the girls. We had the girls get in their pj's and then we made them their Orange colored hot chocolate from Grandma and played Uno. It was so fun. Lyse would giggle and laugh each time she got to lay a "skip" or "draw 2". The evilest laugh ever heard among men was given when she had a "draw 4". Katy also found it fun to lay those cards and thwart me and Ben. It was so fun!! I love that we can sit as a family and play card games. I love that Katy and Lyse have gotten the rules down and love to play the games with us. Katy is obviously old enough to play most games (we are working on teaching her Rook) but even Lyse is catching on to many really good. So far Lyse knows and completely understands: Uno, Sorry and Farkle. We are working on getting Skipbo completely down with her as well!

I love that our family has a TV and can snuggle in to a movie together but a game is always more cherished and sought after. If my girls are given the choice, they will pick the game! We are getting cable put in when they put in our phone line. There are several reasons we are doing it. Part of it is that it will only be $10 more for the cable than it would for the internet and phone alone. Another part is I would like for Lyse to have some of the good shows such as Dora and Diego to watch while I am working (ya I know great mom using the TV as a need to bring it to my attention and make me feel more guilt). Another reason we are getting cable is honestly we can't watch most TV cause our reception is so poor that it blacks out and gets fuzzy and annoying. If Lyse is watching TV while I am working I can't have her running in and freaking out that the TV is "being crazy".

ANYWAY - I worry a bit. I worry that we will loose our TV off and family fun and games on when we have cable. I worry we will snuggle in around the TV more often. While I LOVE those times as well, I would MUCH prefer for us all to sit and play a game. There is more interaction, love and fun with a game than a movie or TV show!

Here I am stating another goal. We are doing ok on family prayer and scripture study so now I add in Family Home Evening along with a couple "No TV play games" nights in the mix. FHE should work good, we have started to get in the habit well of that. I fear the "No TV play family games" night will be a challenge with cable in the house. Wish me luck!

As for nutrition update: I weighed in yesterday at about 138.7 but my clothes aren't fitting the same. There is such a HUGE difference in exercising and toned 138.7 lbs and no exercise 138.7 lbs feels. I miss my daily gym. I need to get better about doing it. Not only that the clothes need to fit better but I can easily see it going to 139, 140, 141 without me working on staying healthy in exercising. Personal goal: work on getting exercise in again!! :)

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