Tuesday, January 18, 2011

:( Can't be replaced :(

My wedding ring has been lost. I am just plain sick. It can't just be replaced. Not only do we not have the money to replace it, IT( the actual ring) is MY wedding ring.

Even if we replaced it with an exact replica it wouldn't have the scratch on the wedding band from when I helping tile our bathroom (no I don't know why I was still wearing the ring).

It, the actual ring, has so many precious important memories.

We have never had the money to get an appraisal on it so now even home owners can't give us money because they can't go off the original purchase, they have to have an appraisal :(

I have prayed my GUTS out trying to find it to no avail.

Eventually it will have to be replaced but I am sick about even the thought of replacing it. My style has changed enough almost 10 years later that I would pick different cuts, different styles/layout/designs. I guess if we ever get the money to replace it Ben and I can pick out a new one together and new memories will be formed.

Until then I am just sick :( It weighs on my head heavily and makes me want to burst into tears.

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