Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here comes the sun...dooo do do doooo

Ok peeps the doom and gloom is over. You are gonna get a bright, shiny happy me for the next while (I hope at least). Life is hard but I am trying to see things from the other side. At times it is easier to see the doom and gloom than it is the little miracles that occur each day.

I am tired of being weighed down by my dreams. Instead of dreaming, getting my hopes up and failing...I am not going to dream. This isn't an "I am giving up on life" not dreaming...but just the opposite. I am going to give life a chance. I am going to take each day and look at what I have that day and have faith that my Father in Heaven will take care of the rest. I have my family. I have my life. My dreams are hurting me and when dreams hurt, I think it is easier to just let them go! For a while I am not going to dream my dreams (at least I am going to try not to).

This week has been a HARD week but for some reason I was able to in the matter of MINUTES trade away one of the hardest days - Saturday! I was able to get us on a flight to Cali and I was able to pull all this off without spending over $25!!

My job is rough but it has perks. It is hard missing on so much in my family life but I am also able to provide these fun memorable moments as well. It is difficult, the constant working and striving and barely treading water. Then the sun shines through and you see that at least you are grateful to be treading...and this weekend we will tread in some warm water outside with the sun shining and the ocean waves crashing nearby (the hotel is on the beach and has an outdoor heated pool with ocean views)!!!

Bring on the Sun because I am tired of the rain cloud following me around!

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  1. YAY!!!! THERE'S THE TAUNI I KNOW!!! Have fun and remember that there is a reason for everything. Your girls will never forget these memories that you are making. Love you!