Monday, February 21, 2011

It should go quicker!! (Recovery that is)

After saying how great I was recovering I had a bit of a set back this last week. I think I was trying to over do it :( I am doing a LOT better now but have so much to do remembering to slow it down is REALLY hard!

Today my list:

Scrub kitchen down, get floor mopped
Get toilets all cleaned and bathrooms scrubbed down
Finish laundry get it all folded and put away
Vacuum entire house
Grocery shop and get some fresh veggies

So you can see from my list my taking it "slow" isn't working. The problem is I got the kitchen cleaned and started on the floors and my stomach rebelled STRONGLY. I am now sitting on my couch with a heat pack thinking, "CRAP how am I going to get the other things done before Ben gets home from work?"

I am almost 2 weeks out. You would think I could scrub my house down a bit more than I can...ok I think I should be able to do it. I know your body needs time, especially after having your stomach and intestines sliced open...but 2 weeks should be enough time in my book ;)

I have 20 minutes than I am back up and finishing folding and putting away the washed laundry. I REALLY would like to get my laundry caught up, especially before I have to start back to work on Thursday.

Wish me luck!!!


  1. How about you just take it easy?? The house can wait... Don't push yourself and end up back in the hospital. Easier said than done, I know. :) Love you!

  2. Oh...I read this and I just want to come over and HELP! don't we live in the same town, or close? I believe you live close to Sandi, right? well, so do I. Anyway, you just have to take it easy! Housework. Can. Wait. Really, I know how you feel with wanting to catch up and get things in order. And I really know how you feel about wanting to get all the laundry done. Sometimes I stay up past 2am just to get caught up with the laundry...but not just after having major surgery! Think about this: if you push yourself too much, you could end up hurting yourself more and be forced to take it easy for even a longer healing time the next time. So be careful :)

  3. I actually don't live near Sandi. I live in Utah but I work for an airline so I get free air fare to Cali and love to visit there!! :)