Monday, February 14, 2011

Intussusception - It's a Fancy Word!

That word above is the reason I have a bottle of Lortab that has been my friend. It is the reason for my surgery. I have been asked if the Gastric Bypass is the reason I had the Intussusception. Honestly I don't know the completely honest answer. My family history does have colonitis in it which causes intussusception. This they are believing to be GB related because it is easier to pin it on that that stating "unknown" because I currently don't have colonitis. However, my bowels may be weaker due to heredity and more susceptible. This does scare me a bit for the future and if there were future problems because our awesome, amazing insurance is up at the end of February! I just pray the Lord will continue to bless and guide us as he always has because honestly we are truly blessed!

Intussusception is a fancy word for my bowels telescoped inside themselves. In case you were wondering it is EXTREMELY painful. I knew surgery was what I needed to do. I knew it was what would have to happen. I was at peace. I was also scared.

Ben gave me a beautiful blessing with his dad on Saturday the 5th of Feb. I was reminded again - you will be ok and Heavenly Father is in control.

Tuesday before I went into surgery we went to my parents house and had my dad and Ben give me another blessing before the surgery. I had peace and once again knew that surgery was what my body needed.

I think that I have had this problem for quite some time and I am grateful that I am on the recovering end of the surgery and problem!!!

Wednesday was the day that lasted FOREVER. My surgery wasn't scheduled until 2:30 in the afternoon and the day just went slow (add the fact you can't eat or drink - UGH). The schedule was pushed back by over 3 hours. As I sat in the hospital I started to have SERIOUS second thoughts in the whole process.

My pain was gone/manageable. Why on earth was I having the dr. cut me open for "exploratory surgery" when my pain was basically not there? Who cares what the CT scan showed 5 days earlier. That can change in the blink of an eye. The longer we sat in the hospital, the more I started to wonder on this. My faith was wavering and I will fully admit it.

When Ben walked into the hospital a few minutes before my dad, I once again asked for a blessing. I needed the peace and help. As Ben annointed me with oil and placed his hands on my head but before he spoke I had the most intense overpower voice come to me that said, "Tauni your pain is gone because Heavenly Father has taken it from you for now. You need this surgery and you will be healed when it is over." The rest of the blessing was a basic blessing and I don't recall much but I can recall those exact words. It was a voice that had spoken to me and I KNEW that the Lord had spoken to me through the Holy Ghost. The voice was comforting and I have never had the Spirit speak to me so directly.

The surgery was not a waste. He didn't cut me open to only close me back up and send me home (which was a HUGE fear or mine). My intestines did have an intussusception. I KNOW that the Lord did lead and guide my surgeon to find and fix my problem.

The recovery has amazed me. Yes there has been pain. BUT to be honest with you, I KNOW the Lord has taken most of that from me. I have had my stomach cut open before (2 times before this to be exact and they used the same incision scars to place incisions on this surgery). Before moving I wanted to DIE. This time I was asking the nurse to walk with me at midnight after being out of surgery for about 5 hours. I got up and out of the bed on my own several times. Last time - I could not move without help. I know weight makes part of the difference but honestly the biggest difference was I know that the Lord was fulfilling his promise of a speedy and little pain recovery. Even the nurse commented on how little pain meds I was using and checking to make sure I was really ok with so little.

The only hard/scary part I even had was the first night my heart rate was really low. Every time I would fall asleep my heart rate dropped to about 38-41. They did not like that much. The doctor the next day said he was impressed and knew part of the reason was just because I was in good shape that my heart rate was naturally lower so it dropping a little more wasn't too worrisome. That was so great to hear!!!! It was nice though when my heart rate went back up to about 50-55 so that the alarm stopped sounding and I was able to sleep without the beeping.

Through this whole process I have felt the Lord's hand. It hasn't been easy and financially I am really concerned this may put us over the edge. However, I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father that loves me and really cares for me. I know he helped the surgeon to fix my body so it could truly heal.

As I have been healing, I worry I have done something or will do something to screw it all up but overall I have not had any feelings of "Do not do this" and I figure as long as I listen to the Spirit on these things, I will heal perfectly.

I am grateful for amazing family and friends that has stepped in and really helped. Meals, taking care of the kids, just being there and chatting with me. These all are priceless to me and mean more than I can ever express.

As for my husband - the Lord has given me the most amazing, caring, loving man in the world to have as my eternal companion. I am grateful for Ben and that he holds the priesthood worthily. I am grateful that he wants me to be his wife (because I am one lucky girl to have him forever)!

On a side note: Today I weighed in on the Wii Fit - it was our 1000th day of having it! I weighed in at 139 weight does NOT represent my body though cause even my side 10 jeans would not do up with how swollen my stomach is currently. Praying that the swelling really does go down on that one!

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