Saturday, February 5, 2011

This, That and a Hospital later

My wedding ring was found (Ben found it under the laundry basket in our bedroom. Lyse didn't win Regions for PTA Reflections but she did get an honorable mention. Katy did AWESOME with her circus of books and her teacher said her writing skills were very impressive.

Lyse doesn't fight us any longer on school...she is liking it again. Not sure why she had the strong feelings of dislike for it but I am glad they are gone. I am seeing Katy's artistic side more and more each day.

I have worked a LOT lately and by a lot I mean this week I had 30 hours in by Friday morning and still had just started my "work week" on Thursday. Did I mention I am part time 24-hour employee?!?

So life has been put on hold for work this week. Crazy storms back east and a surgery in my future for my nose made it that I needed to make up the difference in pay and this week was a good week to pick those hours up.

It all changed yesterday. I wasn't feeling the best so I took a little nap. I awoke from the nap in PAIN (and I mean real pain). I got dressed to go get the kids and got my work computer ready for work. As I walked down the stairs the pain got worse. I thought...hmm I might not be able to drive right now. I kept moving forward...afterall I was the only one that could get my kiddos and I had to get to work.

Then I started to blackout from the pain. I couldn't breathe. I called 911 and barely made it to the couch. My pain was so bad I couldn't move. I was curled in the fetal position on the couch and thinking, "WHY ON EARTH DID I CALL 911!!!" The men came into the room and all stood around staring at me. Ben called and one answered the phone. The asked which hospital and I said "Jordan Valley". They gave me a VERY painful IV and lifted me onto their bed and we headed out the door (they were nice enough to make sure to lock it for me).

I kept thinking I was just STUPID for calling the ambulance and now I was stuck at the hospital for the rest of the night and had points at work for no reason.

I prayed and prayed that Heavenly Father would help the doctor to find the source of my pain.

My prayer was answered. I had an inverted stomach hernia. The found it on the xrays and CT scan. I had fluid build up in my bowels and he wanted to do surgery tonight but the surgeon said it could wait until Monday.

Um....that wasn't the way I had hoped for my prayer to be answered. Don't get me wrong I was grateful that they were able to see and not be like, "Oh she is just making this pain up" but at the same time I was like, "You are kidding me right? The pain is oh so immense but emergency surgery and you want to keep me over night?!? No way!!" Ok I didn't say that but I thought it. The doctor told me he wanted to transport me to a different hospital that was better suited for this type of situation and keep me overnight. I asked if I could just go home and if the pain got worse, go in myself...he agreed.

So he sent me home doped up on Morphine and zofran. I snuggled into my couch with weird dreams of points at work and being demoted (how do they demote you from the lowest position at the company?!?). The pain today is bearable. I am glad I chose not to be admitted but surgery is in my future (and not the planned nose/turbinate surgery) :( Oh the joys!

So instead of working today I get to veg on the couch thinking, "Man I wish I was working we could sure use that money" but I do get a little "vacation" which will be kinda nice.

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  1. Tauni! That is terrible! Good luck on your surgery, I hope all goes well. I wish I lived closer so I could help you!