Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Love

I just wanted to tell you...happy fathers day! I love and appreciate you so much. You are such an amazing father/dad/daddy!

Today as we were hiking and scrambling across the rocks, I watched as you carefully and meticulously took the hands of each of us to make sure we made it safely as well. You are an amazing protector!

I love to watch you wrestle with the girls. You are amazing at playing pretend with them...even though at times I get frustrated that I have to pretend that the floor is lava while trying to clean or cook the same time I appreciate it so much! Our children have such vivid imaginations because you help encourage it constantly!

I love to watch the tender moments of when you dance with the girls in the living room...those are my favorite family moments!

You always take the time to teach our daughters. Many times I haven't even THOUGHT about taking it as a teaching are there, teaching.

You are an amazing Patriarch and spiritual leader in our family. I KNOW I couldn't do it without your help. Family prayer, church questions, gospel principles...all those things you try so hard to encourage. I watch you SHOW your testimony and at the same time instilling those principles in our daughters' testimonies too.

I LOVE YOU! You are my love! You are amazing! You are my world!!

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  1. Thank you, my love. I am grateful that I have you and the girls in my life. I'm sorry I can be such an ornery cuss sometimes.