Thursday, June 17, 2010

$8 lesson from a child

Today I had one of those moments that as a mother you are grateful you taught your child the correct principles and are furious that they are using them on you!

We were at the bank. I am pooling our money together so I can see where we stand...let me just say it was less than thrilling!

While standing in line to close our savings account at Cyprus Credit Union, Ben turns to me and says, "By the way, our business checking is going to cost $8/month." It was not the time nor the place to tell me this.

I lost it! I am not proud that I did but I lost it. $8 isn't much but honestly it is!!! We don't have money. I told Ben that, pretty much in those exact words but in not so nice of tone. I was NOT intending on being upset it was just REALLY REALLY REALLY bad timing! I had a MILLION things on my brain like, "Where am I going to come up with August Mortgage payment...I figured out June and July but savings is running low and I am not sure we will have the money for a full payment in August" and "Car payment is still due and I still have to get the car registered this month" or the all time favorite "I still have car insurance, utilities and gas to figure out for July...crap savings will be gone before August house payment is due".

So while these pleasant thoughts ran through my brain, Ben brings up the $8/month for a checking account for the business. I understand the business needs a good bank for processing payments...heck we have a $1650 check coming to us and we have to turn around and send money back out from that check. You have to have a checking account in order to do that. I get it...I really do! This is in no way Ben's fault...other than crappy timing.

So as we walked out of the bank, I was in tears. Ben was mad at me and hurt for getting upset in the bank. The tension was thick.

That is when my sweet Elyse turned to me and said, "Mom, when you got upset with Dad, I lost the Spirit. I think we need to say a prayer and ask for the Spirit to come back."

The sweet lesson that I so often try to instill in them when they fight was thrown in my face. I did NOT like it but at the same time knew I needed to be humble and know she was in the right.

I agreed and Lyse offered up a sweet, simple prayer. She said, "Heavenly Father. We thank thee for this day. We are sorry and ask thee to please send the Spirit back to us." As she said those words and I said Amen, the Spirit chastised me greatly for losing it over $8 and then love filled my heart. The Spirit was back and peace overcame me.

I KNOW that we will be ok. While I still think we should have gotten a free checking, I can understand Ben's reasoning behind the larger bank. I completely understand why Ben was hurt over my freak out moment in the bank. I just hope he understand WHY I had that freak out moment and it would have been a MUCH better thing to inform me of this once home...not while in another bank emptying savings to try and see how much liquid assets we truly had.

I love my husband...I hope he knows that. He truly is amazing, kind and remarkable. He loves me unconditionally and is always willing to forgive me of my faults. I can never thank him enough for that!

To end on a happy note, nothing says Summer better than kids enjoying homemade ice cream!!!


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