Thursday, April 21, 2011

They just grow up so fast!!

Man alive life has been BUSY! I started work full time last week. On Friday we flew out to California for a quick weekend getaway (that was very needed). My parents were there with us and it was WONDERFUL. We went to Sea World on Saturday and Newport Beach on Sunday before Ben and I flew back home (the girls stayed with my parents for a bit longer to play in Cali).

I had an amazing time. I LOVE California. We (meaning Ben and I) have decided that we would FULLY love the idea of living in Cali. He is going to look for job opportunities there.

The weekend was amazing, wonderful and I LOVE my family. My children make me smile and are such joys in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be there mom.

Katy was so grown up and amazed me with how much she watches out and takes care of the smaller children around her. She is also so well behaved. She had to sit alone on the airplane and at the end of the flight the ladies she was sitting with stopped to compliment on what an amazing child she was and how amazed they were with her and how she acted on the flight (even with it being a particularly turbulent flight).

Lyse cracks me up. She can't remember ever being to Sea World so it was wonderful seeing Sea World through the eyes of a child. When describing the fireworks in Sea World this last weekend she said, "They look like colorful light scratches in the clouds in the sky" I was amazed with her descriptions of the fireworks. She also said, "The Tinkerbell fairies are in those fireworks and they make them very beauitful!"

Other updates, Lyse lost her top front tooth and has the CUTEST smile right now!

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to go out of town (to Park City) to a Summit. I was able to at least bring the family along to enjoy the amenities of the Park City Resort while I was in meetings. They got to swim in a outdoor pool that was heated the same as a hot tub (they loved that and I really wished I could swim with them). They had a great time (and I was super sad to miss out on all it with them but still grateful they got the opportunity to enjoy it!!).

This morning, while I was in meetings, Ben took the girls swimming then checked them out of the Canyons Resort and headed home. They had some errands to run and before I knew it I had a text picture sent to me of my Elyse sitting in a chair. A few minutes later I got the text saying, "Guess who got her ears pierced?" Well you guessed was my Elyse! She is soooo excited and when she told me about it she told how she was super brave...but when I saw the photos I wanted to cry cause I saw her brave face when it really hurt! :( What a great Daddy my girls have. Ben stood there and held Lyse's hand through the whole ears piercing. He also brought her and Katy home and painted their finger nails. He really is the best Daddy for little girls. He takes great care of ALL his girls!

Lyse has the cutest toothless smile right now...just makes my mommy heart melt. Katy is growing up and becoming an amazing young lady. I can hardly believe it all! They are just growing up too fast. Before I know it they will be filling out college applications and heading to school (Ben and I actually were talking about it on the plane and honestly...time moves so fast!!)

I will post pictures later but I wanted to update a couple things in life around here the past few weeks!

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