Monday, April 25, 2011

Today I started training for the actual department I am going to be in.

Yes, I have been in training for 2 weeks already.

No, none of that training was specific for my department (although I am sure some of it will come in handy at some point).

I have to say...I LOVE LOVE LOVE my department. I loved watching and doing hands on with the new work I will be doing.

I do not feel like this is over my head or that I will totally suck. I know I have lots to learn still and that I will get quicker and steps will get easier but honestly after today's training I am feeling good.

I loved shadowing for a while (thanks Tanya!!) and watching all the fun they get to have in the queues. The fact that you don't talk to people ALL DAY LONG but I still get to help people and get stuff done makes me super happy. A LOT of unseen background and behind the scenes work is done in our division and I like it.

Today was a good day.

Now onto other news - haven't weighed in for a couple of days but last time I was at 133.

Ben's job with LeFevre isn't the greatest and he is on the job search...which is not easy. Unemployment is draining and HARD!

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