Monday, April 11, 2011

Another year goes by!

**These pictures range from Christmas 2008 until March 31, 2011 :)

My Lyse turned 6 this last week. I had so much to write about her, my wonderful, amazing little girl and I never had time to just sit and write it.

I feel like a horrid mom having this be late...but I guess better late than never.

Lyse is hot and cold. Sugar and Spice.

Lyse is VERY loving. She cares about everyone and truly wants them to be happy. She thinks of others and at times when she is having a "selfish" moment, she ALWAYS apologizes with hugs afterward. When she makes a bad choice, she will tell me, "I really do love you mom, I am sorry I didn't do what was right". Lyse has FINALLY learned to apologize. It still is not the easiest thing for her but she is more free with her "Sorry's" and "I was wrong". When she was little (like 2 and 3) she would sit in time out for HOURS refusing to say sorry. I would be in tears just begging her to please say sorry so she could get out...but nope she was going to stick to her not apologizing guns! She still is head strong...just a little more willing to admit when she is wrong as well!

Lyse gives the BEST bear hugs. She loves to give hugs and kisses. Her new favorite thing is doing the "European Kisses" and kissing the air on both sides of your face. She of course loves to give and receive eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses.

Lyse is getting so good at reading. I love listening to her sound out words she doesn't know. She is VERY smart!!

Lyse is getting into making lots of friends. She has 2 best friends, Ivy and Sam. She always makes sure to let us know that Sam is just a friend, not a boy friend.

I am the luckiest mom in the world to have Lyse. My life would not be the same without her. She brings so much love to my life. She brings even more entertainment and joy. She keeps me on my toes and teaches me patience and what true complete love really is.

A few things about Lyse right now:

  • Lyse's favorite toys currently are squinkies.
  • Lyse loves to do her own hair without help and if I do help she still wants it to just be done in a pony tail (about the only way she likes it done).
  • Lyse wants long hair like Rapunzel and surprise! Tangled is her favorite movie!!
  • Lyse loves the outdoors and is great at riding her bike now. She is learning (with the help of a great older sister) how to jump rope.
  • Lyse is very proud that she has learned how to "pump on her own" in the swings and no longer needs pushed.
  • Lyse still has an amazing imagination and I love listening and quietly watching her play pretend.
  • Lyse loves to color and my fridge is often full of her art and my floor covered in crayons that were forgotten as the next new thing was discovered! But seriously, she will color for hours and not think a thing of it!
  • Lyse's favorite color is blue. Anything blue she wants and will wear. Pink, however, has become her arch enemy and she HATE (seriously hates) and refuses to wear the color - unless it has Rapunzel on it! Sheesh - girls!! :)
  • Lyse's favorite food is bacon. Seriously...I could make ANYTHING and if I told her it had bacon in it and she could see the bacon...she would eat it!
  • She loves fresh fruit and can always be found eating an orange, apple, pineapple, grapes, etc.
  • Lyse also loves salad. At dinner she will always get a salad with ranch and eat it all gone. She especially likes it when we add the round leaf things in the salad (Spinach).
  • Lyse loves "Daddy movies" ie Star Wars DVDs and animated shows. She also loves Ben 10 and such. She loves it when her Daddy snuggles in on the couch with her and watches "their" cartoons.
  • Lyse is a Daddy's girl. She loves that I go to work all day and Daddy is the one home with her...that is the best thing in the entire world to her.
  • Lyse loves and could spend all day there! She also loves Daddy's phone and the fish game.
  • Lyse loves her cats! Seriously, last night she came and asked if she could climb in bed with us, I said yes and she turned and said, "Come on Crash" and she and Crash then climbed right in between Ben and I.
  • Lyse loves to sing and has informed me when she grows up she is going to be a professional singer and many times in the car she will ask me to turn off the radio so she can practice the songs she will put on the radio one day! I am impressed that so often the songs are about the temple and our Savior.
  • Lyse has a strong testimony. I hope and pray it just grows and grows. She loves our Father in Heaven and I know she wants to serve Him and make Him proud of her (she has told me that).
  • Lyse's new thing lately has been climbing the wall in the hallway. She will take off her shoes, put her hands and feet on each side of the wall and walk up the wall spread eagle. She gets up quite high (to the top of the bead board) then she always asks for help getting down (cause it's too high to jump down with her bare feet).

Lyse had an amazing birthday filled with playing, friends and family. She told me it was "Great" and she loved the whole present thing :) I am blessed and grateful for such an amazing, sweet spirit in my life. I love that I get the birthdays of my children to celebrate them and their lives!

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  1. Awww...happy birthday to your little (big!) girl! How do you pronounce her name, by the way? Is is Leese? Lisa? I've just never seen that name before.

    We have two birthdays in the month of April. The first was yesterday April 13th, my oldest son, who just turned 20. Then today, April 14th, is Avery's birthday, who is 10. She was born just 11 minutes after midnight. We thought she and Anthony would end up sharing a birthday, but I guess she just insisted on having her own day :)

    Okay, so I was laughing at the last "thing" that your daughter does lately -- climb the wall in the hallway? Seriously, you're a better mom than me. I'd tell her to get down, and that would be the end of that. But you? You are letting her be a kid, and that's so very cool of you. If my kid did that, I'd have to stop her...or else before I knew it, they ALL would be doing it. Can you just imagine having 5 or 6 kids all climbing the walls like that? You know, its monkey see monkey do around here. Can't have my monkey's climbing the walls, LOL.