Monday, August 22, 2011

4th grade here we come (well by "we" I really mean Katy)

Tears are flowing as I write this but I HAD to write it while it was still fresh.

My little girl is growing up. WAY TO FAST! Wasn't it just a little while ago I was holding a near newborn in my arms, proud and ecstatic at her growth and progress so far in her little life?

Today I still proud of what an amazing young women she is turning into. Today I am still happy to see her grow. I am also torn and sad. My little girl isn't so little any more. She is in 4th grade. She has many expectations and responsibilities this year (all of which I know she can and will do). She is growing up.

Last night before bed she made her lunch, layed out her clothes and took a shower and washed her hair. This morning before I got up, she got up, ate breakfast, got dressed and brushed her teeth. She had done her hair in a pony tail as well and it looked good but I redid it. Not that I HAD to redo it, it really did look good. I think it was more because I wanted to feel like I was needed in some way in her getting ready for school in the morning.

When I got her to school, she wanted dropped off in the back. Basically that means you pull into the church parking lot that is behind the school and they go through the fence gate and up the school's grassy hill to the school building. When I asked if she wanted me to come with her she said no...she would just go. As she was running across the grass and up the hill to the 4th grade door, her friends were running down and they all met and then happily walked back to the growing crowd around the 4th grade doors.

Katy was so excited to start school. I know this year is going to be wonderful. Her teacher is super nice and willing to help. Katy has grown and matured and I know that she is going to have a lot of personal growth.

My heart is filled with a lot of emotions. I love to watch Katy grow and mature and take on new responsibilities. I love to see her loving life and learning and growing. I love watching her mature and grow into what will one day be an amazing adult. It also breaks my heart. Even thinking back to watching her run up that grassy hill to her friends on the other side my heart shatters. I always want her to continue to grow and learn and experience life. It just breaks my heart that as she gets these life experiences, it also means I am loosing my baby...she is growing up on me!

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