Monday, August 8, 2011

People I know...

I am so grateful for my family. For my husband. For my daughters.

Life is about family. Life is about spending time with the ones you love and not just time together but QUALITY time together.

I am grateful for a job that helps pay the bills. I am grateful for Ben's jobs.

I am grateful to a Father in Heaven that knows just what we need. I know He loves me!

I am grateful for Earthly parents that love, guide and help me so often. I am grateful for my in-laws who over the last 10 years have become parents to me as well.

I am grateful for brothers and sisters. There is nothing better than siblings!!!! Seriously, I am so grateful my Father in Heaven allowed me to have 2 children so that my girls know what it's like to have siblings. I think that is so important!!

I have so many dear friends and I am grateful that my life has been blessed with friendship.

My life would not be complete without each person in it.

Today I am grateful! I am grateful that my life has been blessed with so many wonderful, kind, amazing, inspirational people that help me to grow, learn and strive to be better!!

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