Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer is just about over...

Summer just seems to FLY when you get to the last little bit! I can't believe that today we went and met the new teachers for next year.

I am just hoping and PRAYING that these teachers are the EXACT teachers my children need to both soar this year - I have a feeling they are!

As the end of summer approaches we have been rushing in all the last minute things.

Yesterday was the lemonade stand behind my parents house. Oh how the kids had a blast flagging down people!

I was greatly impressed with the men and young men in that area. They got WAY more guys about 17 years old stopping and purchasing lemonade (and leaving 75 cent tips) than they got women. It was a fun adventure for me and the kids.

Today was meeting teachers and preparing for school to start on Monday. So hard to believe how fast the summer flies by. I am so grateful for the fun summer we have had. A summer with road trips, airplane trips, the beach, whales, orchards and mountains. Can't get much better than that!!

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