Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Favorite Appliance

Do you have a favorite appliance in your house?!?

I do! I use it ALL the time! It is my all time favorite and I love when I get to pull it out of it's corner home on my counter top and put it to work.

It is a work horse let me tell you! The only complaint I have about this great little machine: I wish I had the 6 quart one instead of the 4 quart!

I don't think I would love to bake as much without my favorite appliance:

This thing is in constant work at this house. I pull it out at least every other day to make banana bread or homemade bread or to mix something for part of our dinner. Sometimes it gets to make the best brownies in the world! Mmmm seriously they are the best brownies in the world, just ask those who have had them...maybe I need to go make some now!! :) Did you know that these machines have Ice Cream Maker attachments? What about the meat grinder attachment? Seriously it has endless possibilities.

When I took this picture, the machine was in work. It was making this:

Which turned into this:

Which in turn, turned into this:

I love that joy! I love to see people enjoy the goodies I get to bake. I love that something that is relaxing and stress relieving for me is also something that can bring joys to others.

On really stressful days at work I have found that if I go into my kitchen and create something, I destress a lot easier. I don't even have to eat the food I make, it is just the art of making it that helps me relax.

Last confession - work has been REALLY stressful. I haven't had time to worry about making healthy food for dinner. Many nights we have resorted to Hamburger Helper (and some nights I haven't even worried about trying to find a veggie side :( ) I haven't had time to worry about exercise and all that. Because I "haven't had time" or rather haven't taken it and because I have been too tired...I have gained weight. I am all the way up to 143. I was at 133 at the beginning of summer. I really have been good about not eating my stress relief food (I am trying to also use it as a form of service and share it with those around me) but I still have had some and I haven't been as careful as I should be. I am changing that...starting NOW! Tomorrow morning is oatmeal for breakfast. It is a healthy lunch with veggies. It is a healthy dinner with lots of veggies and healthy meats. I am going to start taking control of being healthier again. Take the time to make food to fuel my body for energy. I am going to get up earlier and exercise every morning. I will have those pounds back off before the holidays!!!

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