Thursday, November 3, 2011

Month of Gratitude Day 3

I had to think for a bit about what I wanted to put here today. When you start listing things you are grateful for your list can go on for miles and miles. Today I had to think of something that makes me smile and feel warm inside. I thought of it when I saw a cute picture frame hanging with a picture of my daughter and her teacher on Halloween. We also had parent teacher conferences last night and that brought me to think of what I am grateful for today.

I am grateful for good teachers.

At church my kids have the most amazing primary teachers. Katy's teachers (Brother and Sister Dorian) do parties, makes class fun and encourages the kids to help get other children in the area to church. I am so sad they are leaving (especially Sis. Dorian). He got a job in Texas so they are moving there and Katy (and me) are very sad. Sister Dorian has helped to teach Katy a lot of important things and she has been a great influence and role model to Katy.

At school, Katy ADORES her teacher (and honestly so do I). Her teacher is kind, gentle, loving and always willing to help Katy so that she can do her best and succeed in life. Katy could not have gotten a better teacher and I love her dearly. She has really helped Katy to grow and develop so many talents this year. I am grateful for Mrs. Smith. She is a wonderful woman that is truly helping me by being a great example to my daughter each and every day. I couldn't pick a better person to have instructing my daughter for 7 hours 5 days a week. I love that she truly lives what she believes. She has the Spirit with her and she always as a CTR ring on her finger. I honestly could not give enough positive feedback on how wonderful Mrs. Smith is. I am so grateful that my daughter is in her watchful care!

In Primary Katy has Bro. and Sis. Jensen. AMAZING people! Love them. They are happy, cheerful and kind. They do an amazing job with what can be a quite rowdy bunch of kids. Lyse loves her teachers and all the fun activities they bring for the kids as well as the great lessons they teach. Honestly, I have been looking forward to Lyse moving up to their class because they weren't put in until after Katy had already been in that class. I hoped and prayed they wouldn't get tired or a new calling before Lyse was able to have these wonderful teachers.

Elyse's teacher at school really likes Elyse and she is working hard to help Elyse succeed. Lyse loves to learn and is honestly excited each day to go to school. I am grateful that she is learning and growing. We had a rough start but honestly I think the year is just getting better and better and Mrs. Gregory really does love her students. Lyse is happy and does great with the positive feedback she gets from Mrs. Gregory.

MY life is blessed by my children having great teachers.

I am grateful for great teachers!

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