Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mountains in the Fall!

On October 23, 2011 we went up Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was a blast. Ben, Katy, Lyse and myself along with Jana, Brookie and Dustin came. The original plan was to hike to Cecret Lake in the Albion Basin. They already had the road to that area closed off, so our plans had to change. We drove down a little ways to the Tanner Flat area. We ate a little picnic lunch (and climbed an apple tree next to our picnic table and ate an apple that had grown in the wild - yummy!).

After we ate lunch we tromped around and through the woods a bit. It was GREAT! We crossed the river to the other side for a while. It was a great adventure and we all had a blast! I seriously love a hike in the mountains more than just about anything out doorsy. I love to camp in them, hike in them...everything. It is VERY enjoyable!

We were going to grab our camera and forgot last minute so we only had Ben's phone. Jana took her camera and I am going to have to get some photos from her but for now these are all I have (and Ben isn't in any of them)!

Katy's balancing act!

Lyse would not give a happy non silly face! The mountain air must make her a silly monkey!

Testing her balance...

Doing good, only a little further!

Phew, she made it! :)

Silly girls!

Not sure what face I am pulling here or why...but oh well. It was my errr what?!?!

You can see me and Katy pretty good but you have to peak way far in the back to pick out that Elyse of ours!

How can you not smile in those beautiful mountains?!?

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