Thursday, March 4, 2010

"I" built an in-wall bookcase

I came up with this AMAZING idea for the girls room.

They had a blank wall that no piece of furniture can be placed on it due to depth of furniture and location of the wall. I have hated it. In the past I have put furniture in this small place but in the end move it due to it making me feel claustrophobic.

My mind is always working on ideas and I finally came up with one that worked for that wall. An in-wall bookcase. It solved the problem of books with no place to put them as well as practicality of the wall space. Due to the bookcase being in the wall, the space taken is minimal.

I was so excited. So enthused. My husband not so much! I set to work and told him, "Don't worry love, I will do it all".

This is the pictures of me doing it:

Don't I look cute, worn out and tired from all that work?!?! I thought so too!!

Thanks for making this Love!!

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