Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sorry to keep a negative post up for so long. Things have gotten much better and my outlook on life is much brighter (unless you count the floors that need mopped...with that I have a very, very dark outlook on life). I HATE HATE HATE mopping floors.

On a brighter side, I love to cook and today I get to do that. My bananas are all brown and nasty...perfect for delicious banana bread! I have already made the buttermilk substitute (vinegar and skim milk...much less fat and same great taste). I have the recipe sitting on the counter next to the butter that is thawing and bananas that are nastily ripe.

Why am I here typing instead of making the delicious bread that is a family favorite? I made myself promise I wouldn't do any fun baking until the nasty floors are mopped :( I hate keeping promises to myself!

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