Monday, March 15, 2010

Time Changes kill me!

On top of being sick for the last several day...we had the time change!


That is what I have to say about time change! It has totally messed with EVERYONE and their attitudes. Lyse is whining all the time cause her sleep schedule follows the sun (even if I put her to bed early). Lyse has been up early even from before the time change cause the sun was up earlier. I am hoping the getting to bed early will help but right now I want to cry and scream.

Katy doesn't want to get out of bed (surprise surprise...a girl after her mom's heart). Katy complained about having to go to bed when she "wasn't tired" and complained about having to get up cause she was "too tired". Can't win with that one :)

Ben just always needs more sleep. He is a night owl but also a morning person. He always says that sleep is a waste. Add no job and can stay up late to the time change making staying up late have a man that need a nap desperately.

Now my turn. I am pmsing, tired, sick and just really want to climb into my bed. Truth be told I can't though. I can't nap anymore cause I feel like it is a waste. I am sooooo tired though! My eyes want to close and not open for a long long time. My eye lids are heavy.

I am blaming the heaviness of my whole body on the time change...not the cold that I am pretty sure has moved to a sinus infections. The constant pressure in my head, ears and eyes is all do to the time change! I will keep saying that until I believe it. I don't have insurance...I can't get sick enough to need a doctor!

I have a post (with pictures) about what happens to a mom when she gets sick. The problem is I want to show a picture of my house all nice and clean but I haven't been able to get it there completely. I honestly am still feeling like crap! I get up to do something and my head hurts, my eyes feel even heavier and I feel like I am going to black out.

I am not going to say my house being dirty, me and my family being tired and me feeling like crap is cause I am sick...that is just a lame excuse. Stupid time change...screws up everything!

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  1. Did I just read that you are not going to the dr's because it's a waste of money... even after all that I went through and YOU made me go??? hmmm..... :) j/k. I'm feeling the same way about the time change though. I woke up at 9:42 and have to be to work at 9:00. Woopsy!! It is nice having it sunnier longer though. I've never had the time change affect me like it has this year. Crazy weird.