Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wahoo Moment!

Today I put on a skirt I got from my sister. It is an cute Old Navy skirt. The Wahoo part...

It was a size 4!

Yep you read that correctly, it was a size 4! I was just as shocked as you are. Even though I am pretty darn sure the skirt size is running big (by a lot), I am a bit excited to own a skirt from a "real store" with that size on it. It has been a LONG weight loss journey and lately with the rash of birthdays and birthday treats, honestly I am just grateful I am not in a sugar induce coma weighing 50 lbs more than before March 24th!!!

I plan an update SOON! about all the fun birthdays (mine and Ben's 30th birthdays as well as Lyse's 5th). The picture above and below are of my fun new birthday do's. Thanks Marci for the awesome job and Jana for making it free! You guys are amazing!!!

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