Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cricket Fun!

I am becoming a crafty woman! Ben always said he was scared of crafty women but as I do more and more, I think he actually likes it!

My parents gave me a cricket for Christmas. If you don't know what a cricket machine it! They are amazing crafty machines that cut all sorts of fun things!! I have recently fallen in LOVE with my machine!

We have had FAMILY fun with it. The girls LOVE to pick out designs and have us cut them! The other day we made crowns for the boys and girls in Lyse's preschool. She was in heaven and the boys and girls each liked their crowns. The boys got "king" crowns and the girls got "Princess" ones. It was fun to make and they turned out super cute!is super de duper fun! is amazing!

Tonight we have been working on Thank you cards for Katy's and Lyse's teachers this year! It is so fun to be able to make fun, cute cards and envelopes for under $1 (about $0.50)!

The card says "Thanks" on the outside. There is the single pic of just that. The envelope says, "Many Thanks". There are several layers of glued paper on the envelope and the card to help create the total look.

Seriously, the pictures don't even do it justice! I am thinking of maybe starting a company selling these for $1.00 each. Takes me about 10-20 minutes to make them and with being only $0.50 to make them, I would be making $0.50 off each one! I haven't decided for sure but we shall see :)

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