Monday, May 17, 2010

I need to finish up our DC trip stuff but for now I wanted to write some fun cute things the kids have done/said.

On Saturday we spent a majority of the day hanging, chilling and relaxing outside. We went to Elyse's soccer game then we drove to the park and let the kids run and play for a little over an hour. They had a lot of fun (and honestly so did we).

When we got back we were sitting down to eat and Lyse said the prayer. It was the cutest thing EVER. As she was praying she said, "Thank you dad...well*pause* Heavenly Father please tell my dad thank you so much for letting us play at the park all day!"

First it made me so happy that she loved the park that much. Second, I had a revelation, thought. You know prayer is a special time in which we talk with our Father in Heaven about what we love, hate, struggle with. Lyse taught me so much in that. She knows that a prayer has the utmost respect tied to it. Prayer is a special way to communicate. By knowing that she wanted to let her dad know in the prayer how grateful she was to go to the park. I can't convey into words all my thoughts and feelings on this cause I don't know how but I am touched. It was dang cute too!

Katy has been sick for a couple days and today she was home from school. All day she kept talking about school and what we thought was happening at school. I know she really missed not being able to go. At first in the day she kept asking, "What do you think they are doing on the field trip" or "Do you think they are back from the field trip?". I decided to get her busy and we worked on some of her bear essentials. We did 2 book reports, a report on her Grandma (my mom), wrote a poem and a couple other things.

To do the report on my mom, we had to go to my mom's house. Before we left, Katy kept asking, "So would school be out yet?". I would answer, "No, school is still in." 2 minutes later she asked again. This happened over and over until I lost my cool and said, "Katy you can tell time! It has only been a few minutes since the last time you asked. No school is not out." I INSTANTLY felt horrible. My sweet girl was soooo sad to miss her field trip today. My sweet girl is battling with having been REALLY sick (at the ER over the weekend for it). My sweet girl is amazing and all she wanted was some information. Sometimes I feel like the crappiest mom ever.

Katy was so sweet even when I got frustrated. She said, "Oh ok. Sorry. I was just wondering how close it was to the normal time I get home." Sweet thing. She was so cute when interviewing my mom. She did an awesome job. She loved hearing the stories and it was fun to see how excited she was to know more about my mom when she was little. She was EXTREMELY interested in my mom and who she was closest to in siblings. Katy LOVES Elyse more than anything but she also strongly desires more siblings. She asks for them all the time. Oh how I wish I could fulfill that desire for her! I think she was mesmerized by the fact that my mom had so many siblings.

Katy wrote a really cute poem today about jump roping. She LOVES to jump rope so when she had to write a poem, she wanted it to be on that.

Jump Rope
by: Katlynn Hawker

Rope Rope
Around it flies
Jump Jump
Hop to the skies
Leap Leap
Quick on my feet
Around Around
It goes to the beat
Fun Fun
Jumping in the sun

Kind of amazing how you do "see" jump roping in that. Katy has an amazing way to describe things. This weekend I have really seen that talent in her...she can use words that help you to completely see what she is saying.

An example of this. She was in a LOT of pain. When I asked her what it felt like she said, "It feels like a car is driving over my chest but instead of it having tires it has needles and the needles are poking my stomach over and over."

Ummm can you think of a more descriptive way of saying, "The pain feels heavy and sharp."?

I love my children, they are amazing! I am such a blessed mom for having them be a part of my life.

Also...I am finishing up the DC trip...hoping to get that up here soon. Not sure if I am going to do 1 or 2 installments. Second, Ben is saying it is high time to do before and after photos. We were looking at photos today and I couldn't believe it! I was seriously in shock over how big I was and I didn't really realize it. I am gonna try to get the photos up here soon.

Last but not least. Last time on the Wii I was 156.5 and I have a normal BMI at 155.5 I am soooo close I can taste it and I can't wait! I am hoping that by next week I will be at 155 even! Lowest I have been in a LONG, LONG time :)

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  1. haha!!! Dad- you're hugging me so tight my brains might pop out! She's so stinking cute!!!