Friday, May 28, 2010

A bump in the night

Last night at about 1:00 AM I heard a loud "THUD". I layed in bed trying to figure out if someone was breaking in or if it was just the cats up to their crazy shinanigans.

Then I heard the tears! I got up out of bed and realized that Lyse had rolled out of bed! Poor thing was lying on the floor crying. I picked her up and put her back in bed and gave her a kiss. She was just laying there still almost completely asleep moaning and crying.

After a few minutes of consoling, she settled down and I went back to my bed.

This morning when we were all up and running Lyse came and snuggled on my lap. As she was snuggled in there, I looked down at her sweet face to find a NASTY bruise just below and a bit over from her right eye.

At first I was like, "What the heck?!? Where did you get this?"

She was just as stumped as I was.

Then I remembered the bump in the night. Funny thing about it all - Lyse thought I was lying, that she had never fallen out of the bed! She must have been really tired and asleep to not even remember falling out and bonking her face hard enough for a bruise!

P.S. The picture doesn't make the bruise look bad at all...but trust me it is MUCH more visible in person :( Hoping my DCFS neighbor doesn't stop us and give us an interview!


  1. So, the real reason I haven't scene Lyse around lately comes out! If it makes you feel any better, my brother did the same thing in the middle of the night in the middle of vacation - from the top bunk of our trailer.