Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Every year I have to reflect on how Mother's day is about more than just mothers, more than about just woman...the wonderful amazing creatures that make us mothers, children!

This morning I was woken up at 7:00 am by my sweet Katy! She is sooooo amazing! She did that on my birthday too...she was so excited to celebrate my day! Lyse followed suit quickly then they both woke up their dad so they could "surprise" me with breakfast in bed! What amazing children I have been blessed with to celebrate Mother's Day with! I love my children more than I could ever express.

When breakfast of waffles with strawberry and whipped cream was brought to me, my heart melted. What made it melt? The excitement on Katy and Elyse's faces as they also presented their presents! Lyse was so sweet and kind as she handed me my present she said, "I sure hope you will like it mom!"

She was so concerned that I wouldn't...but I don't know why! She made it at preschool and has been DYING to share it with me for DAYS! When I opened it I was once again thankful for her preschool and the amazing teacher there! The present was a BEAUTIFUL wooden heart that Elyse painted green and glued a beautiful picture of Lyse in the center. The heart has a metal hanging handle so I can hang it n the wall! I am so excited to display it! What an amazing teacher to take the time to not only cut out all the hearts but finish them up and even sand the edges to give it an "antiqued" look!

Even without all the extra effort put into it, how could you NOT love such a precious gift of a present with your child's face on it?!? It was perfect!

Katy had made me a book mark and some other craft items she had made with my mom for me. She was very please with herself in sharing those with me. I loved those too! She was so excited for me to see each new craft she had constructed.

I LOVED getting those presents from the girls, not because of the present but because of the love and excitement I see in my childrens' eyes as they experience the joy of giving. What a blessing it is to see that!

Ben and the girls gave me the new Rick Riordan book, "The Red Pyramid"...this series is supposed to be about Egyptian Gods (the last series of Percy Jackson was about the Olympian Gods). I also got a box of oreos...oh man they are my weak spot!! Have to try and avoid...err I mean share those lots!!!

I was greatly blessed today at church. Katy was one of the people asked to talk. What an amazing talk she wrote and gave. Touched my heart and soul and my eyes held the proof in tears! After Katy spoke the primary children sang. What sweetness you experience hearing them sing, "Mother I love you, Mother I do!" How can you hold back the tears on that?!?

Today has been a wonderful day and I am soooo grateful to be called a Mother, mom, mommy, mama. What an amazing blessing my Heavenly Father gave me! I am truly a blessed woman to have not only an amazing husband but 2 amazing children to travel through life with! I am blessed!

P.S. Yes, the pictures are old and from last spring in Grand Cayman and summer in Grandma's backyard. I just love those pictures and the fact that my children love to have adventures and climb grandma's tree even in swimsuits!

P.P.S. Thank you Mom for being such an amazing mother, friend, confidant and grandma! You are loved deeply and dearly!!!

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